Part II: Reporting in from Paris

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Had a great time in Paris on a 3 day break and had a chance to pop in to the 24 Faubourg store. OMG! Such great inventory! Bad news for me, they didn't have any Kelly or Birkins with GH. However, I tried on a fab barenia picotin in PM (too small for me) and they had two 35cm Kelly bags in etoupe with PH, one hard, one soft. :drool: I was told that new stock will be coming in fairly soon, so I'm assuming the factory is just about to restart production following the August break. I'm also seriously considering an H wallet and may go for Dogon GM in BJ. They also had a new wallet in stock, Kelly wallet! It has the same closure as Kelly, which may be a bit fiddly for me, but it was very chic.

    I ended up getting two scarves, one chiffon (I adore this print from summer collection - wish I could afford the dress!) and one pleated silk. :yahoo:They are both my colours, blue and orange/burnt orange, which work well with my colouring. I also tried on a few new ways of tying them with the SA. So happy, yay! :wlae:

    Big kiss everyone!
    01-09-07_1933[1].jpg 01-09-07_1936[1].jpg
  2. :tup:

    Am so pleased you had a lovely time
    Paris is a very special place. magical

    I love your scarves and the plisse
    what is it called please its so lovely
  3. Magical is right Ardneish - I :heart: Pareeeeee!

    COngrats on your scarves Ebruo

  4. Ooooh, I forgot to ask the name of the scarf. Not sure how I can find out?! :sad:

    Btw, forgot to mention - there were loads and loads of Kellys, Bolides, Lindies etc in the store, but no Birkins whatsoever. I didn't want to push her to see if they had a few stashed in the back, as I wasn't going to buy one so shortly after my first B purchase.
  5. So glad you had a nice trip!
    This plisse is STUNNNING! I would love to see it on you!
  7. Fleur, thank you so much for kindly sharing your amazing knowledge re the scarf x
  8. I am sooo jealous! Sounds like a great trip! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Love your new scarfs, congratulatios & love to read about your travel in Paris, such a wonderful city to be in.... enjoy!
  10. Great scarves! The CW of the plisse is stunning.

    Was the store busy? Did the aroma of Kelly Caleche fill the air?
  11. Beautiful scarves ebruo!
    So glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip!
  12. Those are beautiful scarves -- congratulations!
  13. Beautiful scarves! Paris is the best!
  14. Great scarves! Love the plisse!
  15. Fleurs Knowledge re Hermes

    Is like Bach,s Knowledge of music