Part II of Not too small, Not too big, this one is ALSO just right!

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  1. After getting my Wilshire Blvd in Rose Florentin, I knew I had to go back to the boutique because ALL that I could think of the last few days were the SLGs I saw but did not pick up when I brought the Wilshire home. :girlsigh:

    So...this is what I brought home. I was torn between this and another...but here it is! :biggrin:
  2. Right out of its box...:smile:
  3. :nuts:
  4. Yayy a live one :yahoo:
  5. peeking out from its dustbag...
  6. Amarante zippy coin purse?
  7. Here it is!!:P The ZCP in Epi Electric! I went back and forth between the ZCP in Bleu Nuit, in Vert Impression, and then I saw this!!!

    Posing next to my Chanel Medallion.
    DSC00358-tpf.JPG DSC00360-tpf.JPG
  8. Posing next to my Montaigne Clutch for size reference. I'm planning to use it along with my Vernis Ludlow. It's EXACTLY what I needed since I have mostly small purses. ;)
  9. I saw the zippy type in LV the other day, I was this close from getting it...GREAT CHOICE!

  10. Ooh I couldn't figure out the color or texture on my iPhone. It's so pretty! Congratsssss! :tup:
  11. Last pic - Next to my recently acquired, very much loved Wilshire Boulevard. :biggrin:
  12. Love this zcp!! Congrats :smile: lovely pics too!
  13. Thanks Talena! I didn't get it the first day I went to the boutique but I kept thinking about it so I figured another wallet wouldn't hurt right?:graucho:
  14. thanks Babychingling and Elliespurse :flowers:
  15. Congrats .. great purchase .. I love this too