Part II - My first sale Chanel and DIY project. Opinions on chains please!

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  1. Last week I posted when I got my first Chanel which I was lucky enough to find at Neiman Marcus at second cut!

    My bag came with a brown strap so I temporarily replaced it with my Rebecca Minkoff MAC strap. I headed to the Garment District this week to check out a couple places to make my own chain strap and so far these are my choices. Which do you think looks the most Chanel-y?

    Bag with original strap-

    DD modeling it with RM strap-

    My three chain options - which is best?




  2. Do you like to carry the bag like a purse or crossbody?

    Also, can the RM strap be doubled if and when you want to carry the bag as a purse?
  3. 1 or 2 seem the best proportion to the bag. I'd have to see the photos side by side to really choose definitively. 3 is too overwhelming to the bag.

    chasing my rainbow!
  4. Both ways ideally but the RM can only be worn as shown because the clamps do not fit on the giant O rings - so I loop thru them and buckle it into itself. I can wear it a little long on my shoulder or really high up crossbody. I want a chain to look a little more elegant for dressier occasions.

    I should have a pic side by side. I'm also between 1 and 2 - I spotted 3 on my way out and took a quick pic. Which would you say looks more authentic?

  5. I like 1 or 3.... Just my humble opinion....
  6. With the statement in bold in mind, probably 1.
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    Personally, I prefer #2. But it's most important which one u prefer since u r the one carrying the bag. And just in case, one day u might want to get a Chanel watch to match your bag, #2 looks most matching to this Premiere watch. :smile:

    Also, for consistency in visual impact, i think #2 looks more matching to the rounded edges of the CC logo.

    Having said the above, #1 does look dressier than #2.

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  8. #2 its rounder which matches the cc better. how will you attach it to the bag?
  9. I agree. #2 is perfect. I LOVE your bag, by the way. What a find.
  10. I like the last one
  11. I like #1. It also looks like it lays flat which might make it more comfortable on your shoulder.

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  12. I prefer #1. It seems the most complimentary IMO.
  13. I think #1 is more chic.
  14. I'd pick #1. :smile:
  15. Prefer you first pic. Which chain is the most comfortable on your shoulder?