Part II: Getting to know you. First Accessory!

  1. Was it a wallet, charm, keyfob, scarf....

    Mine was a khaki signature checkbook wallet. :yes:


    It is in my handbag right now!
  2. excellent!!

    pink leather mini skinny to go in my swingpack
  3. I love these threads!!

    Mine was a striped leather keyfob (it's similar to the signature loop cell phone lanyards that are out right now, which I also have, but smaller...and stripey!).

    I'm still using it. It is the cuteness.
  4. as i said in the first bag thread, my first accesory came before my first bag. It was the robin's egg blue leather wristlet with whiskey piping. It might as well have been a bag to me though. I treasured it and carried it by itself. I didn't want to hide it's beauty inside another bag.
  5. Soho tweed wristlet to match my first bag. Does that count as an accessory? If not, then it was the brown/brown signature photo locket keyfob.
  6. My first were my Posey sunnies
  7. Mine was my black sig wristlet and a brown sig duffle wristlet.
  8. Ladybug leather keyfob!!

    Love that thing and STILL it's the only coach keybob I use for my keys.
  9. Black Hamptons Wristlet! The one with the tiny patch on the front and no leather on the corners, I miss it!
  10. Leather Jack Russell Terrier Key Fob. I think it was from 2001 ish. When the Company changed hands and the guy that took over had JRT's - I read that he was thinking of making the JRT the company logo. (He didn't do that but they sure feature heavily - several key fobs and modelling the Coach canine fashions.)
  11. pink/white/pink heart keyfob and light blue photo keyfob!
  12. mine was the legacy wristlet in whiskey
  13. Mine was a French purse in powder blue with white leather trim to match my powder blue suede hobo.
  14. Super-Long Skinny Scarf in purple, purple leather heart photo frame charm, "S" charm and black signature stripe mini skinny to go with my black sig stripe demi (I bought them all, including the purse, at the same time)
  15. Mine was a triple pill box in sky blue. I know, it's a weird first accessory.