Part I of my Coach Christmas! and a new little friend.

  1. I got as part of my Christmas present the Hamptons Embosssed Carryall in red and the tatersall scarf. The wallet I picked up on PCE last week as I knew the bag was coming! I also got the Legacy shoulder in Juniper w/matching wristlet, but I'm probably going to save that one for the springtime. Also got perfume, body lotion, $500 gift card (woo hoo new spring bag here I come!). And I had a hard time dragging my daughter away from one of the presents for the kids to take the picture of my bag - you can see why!!
    red bag.jpg maggie.jpg
  2. Awww that puppy is adorable!

    The bag is delish too!
  3. Your puppy is sooooo cute!! I love puppies!!! And your bag is beautiful too!
  4. OMG!!!!! SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!! Congrats!!! Oh yeah the coach is beautiful
  5. Your bag is beautiful and the puppy is just too cute :love:
  6. Oooooh, what a little sweetie!!
  7. Great looking bag...and your puppy is very cute! Congrats on both!
  8. The Coach items are beautiful, and your puppy is so adorable! What is his/her name?
  9. LOVE your bag....and that puppy is just beyond precious!
  10. What a cute puppy! :yes:
  11. Thanks everyone! That is Maggie, the 6 week old Beagle. We just picked her up from the breeder today. She is a little sweetie pie and probably the best Christmas present my kids have ever gotten.
  12. Ooooh, I love your matching wallet and bag!!
  13. She is so cute!!! I have a 12 year old beagle who still has the face of a puppy. I love beagles!! Enjoy your new puppy and your beautiful purse.
  14. great bag, love the color.
  15. Very classy set!
    Cute puppy!!