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  1. I'm seriously considering trading in or selling my choc ledbury and an Antony in order to purchase a preloved Choc phoebe from Just wondering if anyone has traded anything in part exchange on this site and did you feel you got a fair price? i haven't got my quote yet!!!! Not sure if I'm even doing the right thing. Those of you out there with an oak and a choc phoebe- do you use both??? :shrugs:
    Advice anyone?????
  2. Tiree was thinking about it a while ago. She was going to offer a Chloe towards a Mulberry. I don't know what she decided to do.
  3. Jo are you seriously going to let your choc Ledbury go!!!! You have 2 Anthonys, so losing one of those would be ok, but do you have another similar sized bag to the Ledbury, it's such a gogeous bag
  4. well the phoebe is similar size to the ledbury and fits comfortably on my shoulder......................
    not sure what to do really!!!!!!
  5. Jo, I think mombug did a part exchange, maybe pm her?

    I cant believe you are thinking of letting ledbury go! Do you think you will use 2 phoebes?
  6. I don't know!!! I just WANT a choco phoebe!!!!
  7. Flyveto - you are in the grip of a very strong virus! It is essential that you isolate yourself immediately (fromTPF), up your liquid intake (adding ice and a slice as necessary) and immediately cancel all debit and credit cards (no good hiding that 'emergency only' card). After 14 days you should be able to reintegrate into society and your Ledbury will be safe.

    May the force be with you.
  8. Could I just point out one teeny little detail - she hasn't even used Ledbury!!
  9. Ah, now that puts a different perspective on it! A little disappointed as when I first joined TRF I was always attracted to the simplistic beauty of Flyveto's avatar and the 'Loving my Ledbury' byeline.

    Obviously taking the harsh facts into consideration I say 'Let it Go'!
  10. ^^My thoughts exactly. She's clearly loving it from a distance but not up close!
  11. I am not sure that alcohol is going to stop her - maybe rather the reverse???
  12. ^^If she drinks enough perhaps there's chance but I fear her mind is made up......
  13. She will have to drink so much that she can't dial a phone number or speak coherently. That takes a lot of booze! She won't have the budget for that if she spends it all on bags.
  14. ^^Bulk order of vino mucho strongo on the way right now.......
  15. Would you not be better off if you sell Antony and Ledbury yourself? Lovehandbags has beautiful bags, but not so beautiful prices!!