Part 2, which pen??

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  1. i have a MINI agenda! i REALLY can't find a pen! (i have a mm, too, but the mini just takes up less room...) UGH!!! if you find a nice little pen, lmk!
  2. oh! just saw the links- thanks!!!!
  3. Thank you axewoman:tup:
  4. Sorry...No suggestions here. I used to have the small gold agenda pen, and paid about $90 for it new; that's how long ago I purchased it. But it fell out of my wallet, and I LOST IT!! :pout::cry::bagslap:

    I agree...I can't see spending $205+ on a new one...I'd rather get a new Charm It or Keep It bracelet instead and just keep using a regular 'ole pen for right now.
  5. I ordered this from Penwa for $12 shipped and it's lovely but IT DOES NOT FIT my LV small agenda!! :sad: It's too big. I like that the cap is attached b/c I had the blue Fisher stowaway pen and the cap fell off constantly until I finally lost it and thought this would be a perfect replacement. But, to my dismay, it does not fit!