Part 2, which pen??

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  1. The pink diamond textured purse pen does not show online, I spoke with an associate in a store. The blue purse pen does. I have never owned one nor I have I seen them IRL, I just like how they look and I do like the brand Tiffany. I need to pay them a visit before I decide. Once in the store I will do some question asking to make sure I am not just throwing $$ away. Thank you for info.:tup:
  2. It does show up on the Australian website, this one was bought in the Sydney store about a month ago for AUD$290. These lovely pens are quite small and are made in Germany.

    Hand Comparison.png

    Pen and pouch.png

    Ink test.png

    Flash Closeup.png
  3. OOOh, that is cute. A boutique not too far from me has one left in this color, so I am trying to get there soon to try it with the pomme agenda. My agenda should arrive this saturday. Thank you for the pics. I think it would look good with pomme
  4. Oh I love the pink Tiffany one, it will match my pomme agenda...guess I'll need to check it out in stores.

    Thanks for the pictures!
  5. either we should convince Tiffany to make skinnier pens or convince LV to make the holder a tiny bit bigger. lol
  6. Several people have purchased the blue tiffany purse pen and it fit fine.:shrugs:
  7. ^^ I tried to fit it in the PM size and it was a hassle. =( However, the blue Tiffany pen is GORGEOUS, its definitely worth squeezing it in. :smile:
    Can't wait for your pen & agenda pics! :yahoo:
  8. I cannot wait to get them:yahoo:
  9. Did you read the posts in the Agenda Club? I think they offer suggestions.
  10. Oh yes I did, twice. That is why I know the Tiffany Pen will work, maybe with a little effort but it seems to be popular.
  11. ^^Good luck!!!
  12. These Tiffany pens are very skinny, they will fit the pen loop in the International and the Zippy, and agendas!
  13. No problemo!
  14. omg lol