Part 2, which pen??

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  1. Thank you, I will check that out.:tup:
  2. I hope you like it, PuzzleNop! I have enjoyed giving them as gifts as well.

  3. Thank you! I will look in to that!

    Funny I know, my DH says you spend so much for that agenda and you carry around that free pen, what gives???? I don't know, something about that amount of money for a pen and other things I could to be completely honest I was so hot for the agenda I didn't even think about a pen.........:lolots: I'm a dork, I know!
  4. Cross pens do not fit the agenda loops.
  5. Thank you everyone. I had my heart set on the blue Tiffany purse pen for so long that now that I ordered an agenda, and realizing it does not match the pomme vernis, I may end up exchanging the agenda just to get the pen. I know that sounds silly:shocked:
  6. I use a regular pen and no one laughs or cares!!
  7. That's good for you. I will use a designer one because I want to, and will not care who laughs or cares:tup:
  8. I've still been looking. I don't mind designer/non designer.. I'm just looking for a gold coloured pen to match the hardware that fits! The loop is very tiny... any more suggestions out there?
  9. I think I will look into the Tiffany one because right now, I have a Hello Kitty pen .. Yes, you read correctly .. LOL!
  10. Fisher Stowaway pens fit perfectly. No gold though--just red, blue, or black.

    The Cross definitely does not fit the pm agendas.
  11. Thank you ladies:tup:
  12. A few years ago, I was on the hunt also. I did find a pen that fit by Tiffany. I cant remember the exact name of the Tiffany pen I used with my agenda, it could have been the purse pen. It was silver with a diamond cut to it, I thought I remember that it came in different colors also? I remember there being a pink with a diamond cut to it also(which I think would go perfect with pomme and amarante). It took a little force to get it in but once it did, I did not remove it for awile(maybe a month) to stretch out the holder. I would bring your agenda to Tiffany and play with the pens. I personally do not think the tiffany blue looks bad with anything! Hope this helps!
  13. Thank you, I love the Tiffany blue pen and you are right, there is a pink diamond textured purse pen by Tiffany. I may go this weekend to look at it, I think it would look good with the pomme. I just had my heart set on the blue one so much I am considering exchanging the that silly or what.:nuts:
  14. Is this the pink enamel, on silver pen? My sister uses that on her Moleskine! However, Tiffany uses standard refills for those pens and they don't write all that great...

    Edit: just saw that you wanted blue!