Part 2, which pen??

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  1. Ok so today I asked which agenda, the pomme or T&B mono and everyone said pomme, so I did order the pomme small ring agenda online while that color is still available. This is a gift from my DH for VDay. Now I want a pen but I just cannot (yet) spend $200 for an LV pen. I am still saving for my next bag so any suggestions on a nice pen? I like the Tiffany blue purse pen, but it does not match:sad:
  2. We're agenda twins, got the same agenda several weeks ago! :biggrin:

    I'm bumping this for you as I too am looking for a perfect pen to go with it.
  3. Congrats to you, you have great taste:ghi5:
  4. Same here... I bought the Epi Cassis small ring agendy last month & still have no pen.... would love to get a pen that fits w/reasonable price..
  5. ^^now that makes three of us. Hopefully I can get some good responses:thinking::sos:
  6. I'm afraid I can't help but I am definitely in the same boat. Nobody makes pens that small (except for LV I think just so they can get more of our money!)
  7. I just refuse to pay $200 for a pen or pencil:pout:
  8. :sos::sos:
  9. :whistle:
  10. I'm also looking for a pen... does anyone know if the Tiffany Purse Pen comes in gold??
  11. I have the Tiffany pen. I think it will be fine with your Pomme Agenda.
  12. Guess we're all looking for pens LOL! I don't put a pen in the agenda, I just use a pen that sits in the bottom of my purse right now. I don't feel very chic having such a nice agenda and then pulling out my bright blue "this is where I go to the eye Dr." pen! I hadn't yet looked at the LV pens, didn't know they were that much, bummer! I had heard of the Tiffany purse pen, but I have the Amarante agenda and didn't think it would go.....Oh well, maybe someone has a better solution than mine!
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    How about a Cross 14 kt gold-filled pen for $100 or 18 kt for $130? I have the 18 kt gold-filled one.

    Here is the link to get one:

    I like the style and since it is gold filled and not gold plated, it won't rub off. :biggrin:

    Here is their history, if you're interested--which is extracted from their website:


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  14. :lolots::lolots::lolots:"this is where I go to the eye Dr." pen!
  15. Actually, I think the blue Tiffany purse pen goes very well with Amarante.