Part 2 of my return

  1. No strip show because it is soooo damn SEXY!!!
    DSC01595.JPG DSC01596.JPG DSC01597.JPG
  2. more pics!
    DSC01598.JPG DSC01599.JPG DSC01600.JPG
  3. More pics...
    DSC01601.JPG DSC01602.JPG DSC01603.JPG
  4. Lol congrats!!
    I told ya I wouldn't ruin this one either!
    Looks great on you ;)
  5. last one's
    DSC01604.JPG DSC01605.JPG
  6. sexy!!
  8. ohhhh how studly.........................
  9. verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry niiiiiiice, you wear red very well.
  10. oh wow looks good on ya ;)
  11. OO:huh:O very nice!
  12. You need the little snowflake pin that was on it in the catalog. I liked it on the red! How does it run, true to size or a little large?
  13. Hot purchase, congrat's.
  14. I thought about the snow flake but ehhh I decided to pass. In the pic, his is on the opposite side, but it is on the left only, he is looking into a mirror believe it or not... I got a size 48 (small) fits just fine, I tried on a 50 and I could tell there was more room...
  15. ooooooo!!! That's Gorgeous!!!!!