Part 2 of my parents...

  1. Well pretty much I have been living with this situation since i was little .

    but once i got a job it was kind of KABOOM! :shrugs:

    well just yesterday, I went to a school play that my friend was in. I had 30 dollars for my use.

    My dad asked me if he can borrow money, I can't say no.
    so when I leave i find only 10 dollars left.
    I am thinking to myself OMG! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

    i call my parents and ask them to borrow 5 dollars for my lunch.
    MY MOM THREW A FIT! and decided not to give me that money.
    She automically blaimed my sister for my money missing.

    well before i turned 16 i always dreamed about having a sweet 16. ALWAYS. But my mom gave me the option of giving me 500 dollars for california.
    (by the way my sister gave me a plane ticket for my birthday)
    so the smart thing was to get the money for california cause i need it.


    she had promised me 500. and I was going to save that money.So I was going to have it good.

    but no, i only am getting 200 and i only get paid 2 more checks until california. and my next check goes to my mom cause of our phones. so basically i am taking less then 400 to cali.

    now, here I am stressing over money to take care of myself. I am not supposed to do that. at 16? NO.

    I am the one taking care of my parents.

    and then last night my BIL he told me if i needed money to go to him, he would take care of me. honestly, at school, i just want to beak down.

    I don't know what to do anymore.

    oh yea, i had hurt my back and i need to see a chropracter and my mom refuses to take me cause it cost a lot! SHE MAKES SO MUCH MONEY!!!! but yet, my cousin she barley talks too...she is paying for her surgery.

    yea its surgery but i garantee you she don't need the money,

    she would rather take care of her neices and nephews then her own daughter.

    I can't take it anymore...
  2. I'm sorry that you feel like your parents are giving others preferential treatment - have you discussed your feelings, rationally, with them? Also, perhaps your mother was only able to afford to give you $200 instead of $500 for your birthday.
  3. I am sorry your going through this, some people are just set in their ways and it's difficult for them to see things differently. ((((Hugs)))))
  4. Why don't you tell your parents that you are going to quit your job? At 16 you should be studying and planning to go to college. Are you working so that you can go to college?

    It's very rare that people take care of their nieces and nephews instead of their own children. Have you been to a doctor for your back before you need to see a chiropactor?

    It's very hard to judge by what a single person is saying because there is no way to figure out what your parents' side of the story is. Maybe they had you kids when your mom was way too young to have kids anyway, and your mom is now trying to recapture her lost teenage years and doesn't like you enjoying yourself the way she was unable to. I think by the time your mom was your age she was already a mother? Maybe she had to scrimp and save when she was your age and therefore thinks you are overindulged if too much is provided for you. I don't know the answers....
  5. wow, why would your dad borrow money from you? i think it's strange but my mom has borrowed from me even though she makes a lot but the thing is her paycheck didn't come in time for the bills. my mom was also like your mom, she promised me a BMW if she didnt have to pay for tuition so i went to a college that paid me. after 2 years, she told me that she can't afford it because my little sis was in pre med (not free) and my older sis was goign to harvard and our kitchen was renovated. so i understood that. i don't understand why your mom would pay for your cousin's surgery. did you have a sit down discussion with your mom and dad? i think at 16 it is a little sad that you cannot rely on your parents (from your POV).would things be different if you didn't have a job? i would probably take the mentality of being as independent as possible. i really hope you can work things out with your parents.
  6. Count on yourself only and you will be ok. That is my input. :smile:
  7. Awww I'm sorry sweetie that your going through this. I pretty much have grown up as the parent to my bro and my mom. My mom and I have a great relationship but even DH says that I am the parent in the family. I don't have any advice other than to find a way to make yourself sane, and give yourself an outlet to help calm you down in troubling times, where it seems everything is hitting you at the same time. I like to go to the cliffs and see the views and just sort of meditate when times get tough for me.