Part 2: I was dreaming, it is Moro

  1. I am so disapointed! I just got my Bluefly order and they sent me moro instead of ferro. My order states that the bag is supposed to be "charcoal" but instead the tag on their bag states brown. Of course now there is no ferro available.
    Since I have an ebeno tote I can't justify two brown bags. This is twice now that I have had problems with Bluefly.:cursing:
    If anyone that wants a moro pyramid please pm me and I will let you know when I return it. :crybaby:
    IMG_1200.jpg IMG_1202_2.jpg
  2. omg. I am sooooo sorry. Can they hold the next one for you or something? GRRR. From what I am hearing, bluefly is too hit or miss to bother with.
  3. Of course there are no other ferro's in stock. You are right doubtful guest, it is too hit or miss for me.
  4. I'm sorry to hear this! They should really pay more attention to labeling colors. They have also sent me the wrong shoe size as well. :sad:
  5. Baahhh. I was really pulling for you too. Sorry to hear it.
  6. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the support.
  7. So sorry to hear that - and how frustrating.

    I'm just on my way home now to open my (I think) carmino Montaigne that just arrived today from Bluefly.... wish me luck that it isn't another colour as well (although I'm not sure how they could mislabel red and I don't think the Montaigne has come in any other reds just yet)!!!
  8. Oh no, I am so sorry! I wonder if they sent the Ferro to the person who ordered Moro? Perhaps the Ferro will be going back to Bluefly too. :shrugs: Regardless that it so frustrating and poor customer service. I've been lucky with them but I know it's mostly just that... luck. I'm sure we will all keep an eye out for you for another one. :flowers:
  9. So sorry, I really feel for you I know how dissapointed you must be, HUGS...:crybaby:
  10. NWpurselover, I'm so sorry...I feel your frustration. I saw that charcoal pyramid listed then I saw your posting saying you bought it thinking it was ferro. I figured from the pic it had to be either black or dark brown. Bluefly isn't any better at naming colors than NM. They called my pyramind rose...there's nothing rose about it. Whether it's Bluefly, NM or Saks I've learned to call and have them describe the color in detail before I order. If your heart is set on owning a ferro, there are still a few sloane styles left in the country. A SA from a BV boutique can track them down for you.
  11. so sorry to hear about that, nwpurselover - we should really lobby for bluefly to label their products with the original bv names to avoid such confusion, especially if they are going to be such costly mistakes.
  12. ugggh, I really hope you find what you really want! will be crossing my fingers for you.
  13. Argh, I'm sorry to hear that! I've noticed bluefly mislabeling colors on purses before. I think Jane said the pyramid only comes in moro and noce so maybe a ferro one doesn't exist yet? I hope you find what you are looking for next time.
  14. i am so sorry this happens to you. I hope you get your dream bag soon....
  15. if my memory serves me correctly, pyramid doesn't come in ferro but i could be wrong. this must be frustrating. we will keep an eye out for u if there is a ferro bag that pops up on bluefly. any chance you would consider something other than the pyramid?