Part 2 - First Visit to H Sydney (Success)


Aug 24, 2006
Hi All
Sorry for the delay in updating - have been so consumed with the birkin thought.

Anyway, was going in to pick up a tie as a present for my friend. I called the boutique first last Friday morning asking about the mini kellys on the window. Spoke to a very nice lady. I advised her I will come in during my lunch hour.

Walked in and approached straight away by a lovely young man who asked if I was after anything in particular. I told him I was looking for this lady. He pointed her out and she was serving someone else. When I looked it was a Ms Upton-Baker (the President of Aus Hermes). She looked very elegant.

So I asked this young man if he could show me the selection of ties. Picked a classic pale blue. He asked if he could show me anything else so I asked him to show me the mini kellys. He came back with two, both in suede (etoupe and a darker tan). It was way too small.

At this time the lady come over and introduced herself to me. I told her that the mini kellys were way too small. She told asked if I would be interested in a Birkin, (heart pounding) I replied calmly, yes. She then brought out from the back a 25 Brighton Blue Birkin with Palladium Hardware for $9,500.00 (Australian). I tried it on and was very stunning however, I was not attracted to the silver hardware. So I told her that I was after something with gold hardware and bigger in a birkin. She asked if I owned a birkin. I told her that I did not and was interested in one but not in any rush. She said that it would take about 2 years if I were to place an order however, she would take my details down on my preference and would call me if anything came in. So I told her that I would be very much interested in any colour as long as it was in gold hardware.

She then took my details and also put me on the mailing list and said she would be in touch. If anything came along. I was so surprised with this.

As soon as the tie was packed and boxed. She offered to walk me to the door. Very lovely experience.....

Dont know what it was but I was not dressed particularly flash since it was casual Friday. I was only dressed in a cream fitted polo neck sweater, dark blue fitted bootleg jeans, leapoard print CL heels, black Chanel GST and no other jewelry just my engagement ring. Very casual.....So I guess it was a success visit then.

However, been so consumed with having a birkin to tote around in so franticly looking around Ebay....


Apr 22, 2006
Well! That does sound like a good experience! And that's great that Karin was there. Sounds like you are off on the right foot.


so you Kelly?
Nov 22, 2006
That is a wonderful experience. I recalled from pictures she is a very elegant lady! :heart: I am sure it's a experience to remember :smile:


Dec 2, 2006
I definitely agree, Karin is really well groomed and elegant in real life.

The Hermes Sydney sales assistants are great, very helpful and understated, very knowledgeable and not at all pushy.


Aug 24, 2006
Sorry ladies, the sales assistant's name was Milan or Mili something along those lines. She was a very stunning asian lady. Also I meant Ms Upton-Baker looked very elegant IRL. Sorry typing very quickly as Im at work while doing this...


The Orange Wiggle
Oct 13, 2006
Yep, Mei Lan is the Sydney store manager now! You definitely bumped into the right people at the right time :smile: Congratulations on your success at the Sydney store!!

I actually bumped into Karin today, she's at the Hermes sale at Hilton. Yes, such an elegant lady and very friendly and aproachable too even though she's the General Manager!