**part 2 ....fall 07 Exclusive Pics**

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  1. #1 (Brooklyn) is the one I'm getting but in black. The picture does NOT do the bag justice; I would NOT buy it myself based on the picture, lol.

    #2 has 2 sizes/versions. The larger of the two is very boxy.

    #3, not at the show I went to.

    #4 That's the one that reminded me of grandmas coin purse. BIG bag.

    #5, not at the show.

    Thank you for posting pics. I wanted to take some but they said no no no.

    You really have to see some of these in person. Esp. the vinyl ones. The look like WOW in the pic and then you touch them and it's EW (at least, to me).
  2. thank you so much for the pictures, I love the new lady braid bags, by any chance do you have a picture of the expandable flap??
  3. number 3 is awsome thanks for posting!!! but def can't afford that right now! I have to save for my trip to japan!
  4. I like #3 too.
    I totally need something from the Lady Braid line...must start saving my pennies...
  5. thanks for posting! good thing I don't see anything I like and with these prices....
  6. Beautiful!
  7. ... anyone?
  8. The second bag is the POCKET IN THE CITY BAG...I beleive..Its TDF IRL...WAY nicer IRL...My fave bag at the trunk show!
  9. thanks for posting this, djo!
    i'm so glad to see the lady braid come back this year!! i adore those handles. :heart:
  10. thank you!
  11. #2 has 2 sizes/versions. The larger of the two is very boxy.

    I LOVE #2--it could be "the" bag for me ;) Do we think the price on teh picture is the larger or smaller?
  12. I like no#3 & 4 ,Thanks for sharing.
  13. i love this one::nuts:

  14. Are pictures 1 & 5 both from the Brooklyn line? I think there is a tote also? Does anyone know the prices for the Brooklyn line?
  15. Thanks for Sharing those pics DJO^^.. I love that #3.. :love: