**part 2 ....fall 07 Exclusive Pics**

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  1. I love the brown Brooklyn bag.
  2. Damian, thank you so much for posting these pictures. =)

    I like #2, but it's more than 3k after tax. Ouch.
  3. i love # 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant spend another 2g's on a bag.. my BF is going to kill me...
  4. I love nr 4. But the price makes me go :sad:
  5. Thanks for sharing.....they are getting more and more pricey.
  6. thks for sharing...

    but don't have this urge to buy them...
  7. #3 is my FAV!!!!!
  8. Don't like the patchwork. Love #2.
  9. Those are TDF! :nuts: Thanks for sharing.

    The prices scare me though. lol.
  10. i LOVE #3, i am a fan of anything lady braid related!!! #2 is gorgeous too. But the prices :sad:
  11. Thanks for the pictures :smile:

    I'm not feeling any of them though.
  12. Thanks for posting!

    Not feeling any of them either.
  13. I'm dodging the bullet on all of these bags and it's not just the price points. They do absolutely nada. No heart skips -- frankly no pulse either. I'm dead?!
  14. Thank you so much for posting!!
  15. Thank you so much for sharing!:smile: