**part 2 ....fall 07 Exclusive Pics**

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  1. The second bag is gorgeous!! the other ones are just ok
    I wouldnt spend that much money on them.

    Did you pre-order #2 Jill?
  2. yep..I preordered a few bags...LOL.....
    I just got a voicemail from my Chanel SA in FLA too...lol..Askin me if I want to order anything else..hehe..ummm...NOT...
  3. thanks for the pic. I saw the trunk show too, and fell in love with lady braid collection (I believe #3 is one of the lady braid) but $3300.. dear god...
  4. Thanks for posting!! U R the best!
  5. #3 is GORGEOUS but the price of that bag is going to give me nightmares. :Push: The #2 pocket in the city is the same bag I saw at SCP on Monday, cute bag!
  6. beautiful bags, disgusting prices.
  7. nice...but way to pricy. Not even going to consider them at that price!
  8. Thank you DJO, I love #3 & #4.
  9. Thanks for posting, but, mehhh, I'm just not feeling it. Nothing screams, classy, chic, must-have Chanel to me. I must be getting old! LOL!
  10. Bags and prices are not matched.
  11. ITA... you're not alone! Thanks so much for posting Damien! :heart: Nothing reaches out, grabs me, and says: "Take me home, please!" And at these prices, the chances of that happening are even less so. :P Personally, I think I'll be getting a patent classic flap, and who knows what else, but none of these for certain! :smile:

  12. i am in love with #3 and I saw #2 in boston yesterday and considered taking it home, but the price!!!!
  13. Thanks again for posting those eye candies...thank goodness nothing is calling my name....at least not yet...lol.:P
  14. #3 looks like the lady braid had a threesome with the timeless classic tote and an unknown ligne...
  15. love the last one...but it doesn't have a price =i