**part 2 ....fall 07 Exclusive Pics**

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  1. ...thought everybody might be curious to see more pics. Enjoy! :popcorn:

    Attached Files:

  2. #2 is Jills FAVE....

    DJO had to take it away from me..I almost walked out with it . i loved it THAT MUCH....ROFLMAO
  3. I like number 4, also number 5 is intresting and number 1 very nice!!! thanks djo
  4. love the pocket in the city thanks for posting damien :love:
  5. Not sure if I like the patchwork leather... but #2 & #3 are nice! Thanks again for posting! :smile:
  6. Thanks for posting them :idea:
  7. What's that third one called? It must be lambskin, it's very expensive.

    Jill, why didn't you go for that one? What wasn't right about it?

    ETA - Thank you DJO!
  8. #3 was way too chunky IRL..Me no likey
  9. OMG I love the 5th bag, any other colors? Does anyone know the size of this?:tup:
  10. Ooh I love the leather on #3, but not so sure about the thick handles. What do you guys think? The proportions seem a bit odd.
  11. The 3rd one is from the Lady Braid line. Saks is getting it in black & red.
  12. It doesn't look chunky in this picture... but I believe you that it is. I love your taste in bags! :yes:
  13. I like...but GEEZ these are all over $2500!!!
  14. They are all pretty pricey....that pocket bag is so much more amazin IRL..I wanted to take that baby home...lol
    The expandable was killer too....(second fave bag)
  15. You're awesome! Thanks for sharing :tup:

    #3 is TDF! But, over 3 grand?!? holy ...