Parsons, the best design school?

  1. I dont know if you all know yet, but i love designing and am planning on pursuing a career in design (fashion that is), i will be finishing my high school education in just over a year so im lookat at my options. i want to go to the best place possible to study (or at least apply for the best place possible) money is really not an object as i plan to pay my parents back for my education in the future, i know the best places here in Australia and am going to try to get into those but i want to do international fashion as i dont believe there is alot of potential in this country, the only international school i have heard of is Parsons (it was on project runway lol) and i have also heard alot of good reports about it and obviously it has a history of great designers (donna karen, tom ford etc.) now i imagine such a prestigous school of design will be increadibly hard to get into (not to mention $$ but thats not the hugest deal right now) does anyone know anything, or better go to Parsons? how hard is it really to get in esp. as an international student? and does anyone know any other options in terms of my further eduction?
  2. Have you considered Central Saint Martins in London, it would be a good excuse to leave home and bum around in Europe, LOL!

    Past alumi off my head:
    John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Pheobe Philo, Luella Bartley, Paul Smith
  3. thanks meowgal, i had never heard of the FIT, being on the other side of the world, i dont really get to heard about these things unless its word of mouth. it guess its really good if CK and Michale kors went there
  4. wow going to check out Central Saint Martins now lol
  5. You should def. check out the fashion and design schools in London, UK. They are some of the top schools in the world. My sister is entering her first year London College of Fashion this September and we're all so proud of her. :biggrin: It's a tad bit more expensive since she will be an international student and living expenses in London are super high...but with the school's reputation and its past alumni, it's well worth it!
  6. The Fashion Institute of Technology was the first thing that came to my mind. Good luck and have fun!!:flowers:
  7. ryerson in canada is good.. GO RYERSON hahaha
  8. I went to FIT... FIT and Parson's are good and reputable schools, but if you have a choice of European schools, check those out too. :smile:
  9. FIT enjoys a great reputation, I'd say right on par with Parsons. I know quite a few FIT grads who are doing amazing things in the industry. It's a great door-opener.
  10. Parson is more of a design (art) school ... whereas FIT is better for fashion marketing/buying that sort of thing. Depends on what aspect of fashion you want to get into.

    Either one will help you make great contacts. The most important thing is get lots of fashion internships. That will get you the job you want!
  11. Very true! You are probably going to learn more from fashion internships and contacts (in fact like every other job). Which is why if you speak French then go to Paris to this one, you cannot beat this: Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.

    Actually I've read somewhere that Parsons also exists in Paris, is this true?
  12. yeah Parsons has a school in Paris as well, and I've also heard they had one in tokyo as well, i used to learn french i loved learning the language then my school droped it as a subjects and i stopped learning i would love to go and visit it one day, and relearn it!
  13. I've heard that the Rhode Island School of Design is also just as good as Parsons or FIT, if not better. But IMO, I would go to one of the NYC schools, preferably Parsons.
  14. What about Pratt? I think it's a lot better and broader academically than FIT. I know they have a history of excellent internship programs, and Brooklyn is part of NYC after all.