Parris Biarritz-does it fall off your shoulder? *pix*

  1. Hi guys,

    I saw this bag and am thinking of buying it. Has anyone had experience using this bag? Does it fall off your shoulder? cos I am looking for a bag that can be carried on the shoulder. Many thanks in advance.
  2. No, it doesn't fall off mine. The straps are quite short and the bag sits very snug under the arm.
  3. it falls for me too ...
  4. It really depends on your anatomy. If you have narrow and forward sloped shoulders like I do, almost any double strap bag falls off.
  5. Thanks everyone.. Maybe cos the handles are slippery.. I quite like the bag though.. but i'm still contemplating as to whether I should buy it..
  6. its such a beautiful bag - I think you need one :graucho: :graucho:
  7. HAHAHA.. Lisa, you're making it more irresistible..