Parker rose gold wallet wearing

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  1. Ugh got this wallet in feb make sure to keep it away from anything remotely sharp yet still getting little knicks on it so annoying doubt this wallet will last long at all
  2. Do you have pics?
  3. Yeah, pics would be great. I've been thinking about getting the small parker wallet in cinnamon, but if it's too delicate I may rethink it
  4. I have had trouble with mine as well. They just replaced my pink pearl parker wallet because the rosegold was wearing on the turnlock. Now the new one is showing some wear at the corners/edges and dirt on the sides I am going to try some baby wipes on it. I have decided that from now on all wallets will be a darker leather and nothing too soft feeling. The parker leather seems just too soft and porous. I mean, the thing is always in one of my coach purses. Do you really suppose that they are dirty INSIDE?
  5. If it's more than one person having issues, I'm kinda bummed since I really wanted one of these. Can either of you post some pictures?
  6. Ok, I took a baby wipe to my wallet. It cleaned up well. So I don't know if it is just from my hands... but are they really that dirty?? Or what? But as far as pic. The first wallet is gone, before I had pic. The SA assured me that those kinds of things SHOULD NOT happen with a Coach. I have a good relationship with them and they may or may not kind of take extra care of me as a result, though. This wallet, while it made me unhappy, was not dirty enough to show in pic. (I have a thing about keeping my purses etc clean.) You would have likely looked at the pic and thought ??? There will still never be a light colored wallet again in my future.
  7. Good to know, thanks for the info :smile: I think I will go ahead and get it and just see how it goes. I don't mind taking a little extra care of something so nice.