parker in lilac and maple

  1. hi gals,

    im really interested in the parker in lilac or maple

    do you know where i can get one on sale?

    i saw them at Nordstrom but they were still original price :sad:

    and can you tell me what season this is, and what other colors the parker came in?

    thanks a bunch :heart::heart:

  2. The Parker is from the Resort 2007 collection. If you check the Reference Library you can see what other colors it was available in. Because this bag is from the current season most stores have them at full price. If you are willing to consider a grey one the Purse Store has it on sale:
  3. This is one of my most lusted after bags. I can't decide between the lilac and the grey, they are both so gorgeous!
  4. It's unusual to find any resort items on sale right now... you may need to wait for a EGC or a F&F sale to get it discounted before the next sale season.