Parker Hippie or Kristin Hobo?

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Should I get the Parker Hippie or Kristin Hobo?

  1. Parker Hippie

  2. Kristin Hobo

  3. Neither!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm trying to decide which bag I want and I'd most likely have to buy it on ebay/bonanzle either way. I'm looking at the smaller size of both and in black.

    Pros, cons?
  2. I personally like the style of the Kristin much better than the hippie.
  3. i have the kristin hobo in black, chalk and taupe, and I loooove them. Very comfy to carry, holds just the right amount, front pocket is nicely accessible for a cell phone and i love how it slouches :heart:
  4. I have the large black leather Kristin hobo and it's by far on my list of top faves. It is very comfortable for me, and I use the crossbody option alot. I love this bag and I'm considering getting one of the new colors.
  5. I like the kristin better as well. But roomier and everything else the ladies have said above.
  6. Both are fantastic bags, I don't think you could go wrong with either. If you have an outlet near you, there's a MFF black Parker Hippie that seems identical to the original but much cheaper. The Parker leather is so soft and squishy, but the Kristin has a bit more structure and less slouch. Both are really comfy to wear, just depends on which style you like better. Sorry, I'm not much help, I love them both, lol.
  7. Though both bags are not my personal style, prefer satchels....the zipper on the Kristin hobos had some sticking issues. That being the case and that the Hippie is harder to find, I would get that
  8. Kristin hobo i love the front pocket.
  9. I've had both. First I bought the Kristin without fully trying her out and I didn't like how small she was and I hated the zipper on the top. It wouldn't function right and it was hard to pull. My phone wouldn't fit in the front pocket either, which was a total bummer. I read a ton of reviews of the Parker Hippie and found a good price on Bonanzle and just went for it. I love her so much more and I can fit more in it. I love the zipper on the outside and the really strong magnetic closure.
  10. My vote is for the Kristin, I love the shape and front pocket. I have the Parker Hippie from when it was first released and while I love it, I prefer the Kristin.
  11. I voted Kristin~
  12. Can I vote for both? IMHO, they are both excellent choices!
  13. The Parker hippie is a great everyday bag. I have the larger size and love it.
  14. Also, I do not have any zipper issues with my Kristin as some others reported. Mine works perfect!
  15. I vote Parker Hippie. I have both and although I do like my Kristin, I like my Parker Hippie more. The Hippie has a magnetic closure which makes it easier to get in and out of your bag. The Kristin has a zipper closure that can be annoying sometimes. Mine used to stick, but not so much anymore. I still think a bag like that shouldn't have a zipper closure. The opening is not wide enough which makes it easy to scratch yourself or the contents of your bag with the zipper. Just my opinion though. Like I said, I like both bags.