Parker hippie-mushroom vs black


Apr 16, 2006
Hello. I just received my mushroom hippie in the mail and as people have mentioned before, it definitely grows on you as the color is rather unique. It probably changes according to what you wear. My problem is that I did not receive the PCE so I paid full price.
To add to the problem, I found a black one at Bloomies private sell and presold it. It was $358-20% plus an additional $50 off bringing the total to $238. I originally wanted the black but heard it was no longer available and only by chance happened across this.
I definitely only need one bag. I basically dress in blacks and browns. I think the mushroom is more unique but don't know if I can justify the $120+ price difference. What would you do?


Mmmm Coach *nom nom*
Jan 29, 2009
I wanted the black and found out it was sold out too. I still see it at Macys and Nordstrom, but my sis said it looked big on me (I'm 4'11") so thankfully she made me feel better about not being able to order it anymore. I personally like the black just because it's more neutral than the mushroom. Mushroom is also pretty neutral, but I just like the black better. I was looking forward to dressing it up with the butterfly charm, but apparently that's sold out too. But I'm not bitter, not at all. Haha!


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May 7, 2008
I'm no help. I love black, black, and more black. I never get tired of black. That's my favourite colour of all. :nuts:

If I get any other colour, I'd want the black in that style too!


Dec 4, 2006
I love the Black. But that is just me. There is a new color coming out
for the Parker Hippie Called Cinammon. It should be available to order next week some time. You might even like that color better than the mushroom. I think you should wait as the Mushroom will probably hit
the outlets sometime in June.