Parkee's BDAY Pressie this time

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    After my early bday pressies last Saturday, I am supposed to be on a diet until Vegas.

    But, I had a lvoely lunch with DH, and casually mentioned dropping by my fave store. He said, well, its my birthday... And I saw a little something that I didn't expect to see...
  2. :popcorn: Can't wait, parkee!!
  3. I forgot the attachment. HEHEHE.

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  4. Parkee can't wait
  5. Its just a small one, that I thought is no longer in production... Can you guess? :tup::tup:

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  6. :popcorn:
  7. happening now oh my days !!!!
  8. an inclusion bracelet?
  9. something mc, an agenda ????
  10. Hmmmm....I'm really bad at keeping up with what's still in production :P
  11. something that seemed to be no longer available at the stores. ... c'mon ladies, you can do better than that... HAHA.
  12. cheries??don't know I have no idea haha
  13. roses pouchette ???? l hate quessing hopless at it.....
  14. Haha. I just checked the website verify... Yup, they have the :heart: again. In RED!!!

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  15. :roflmfao:;;l just cant keep up full stop.....parkee your killing me :P