Parisians and Chanel?

  1. True that.
  2. how's paris ladysarah? :couch:
  3. My first trip to Paris was 2011 Autumn. Paris is such a romantic city :smile:
    In my opinion, Parisians' dressings are stylish n chic....n they do lots of layering with their scarves :smile: very nice!
    I sighted many Parisians in Chanel flaps n Goyards esp on the shopping streets.... Quite a handful of reissues n flaps are in a variety of colours :smile:
  4. I really would like to know where the misconception that we all dress so well comes from.
    I do not live in Paris anymore but I visit my grandparents and friends several times a year, so here is my input:
    You will not see a lot of designer bags in Paris during the day because showing off is a big no and considered to be vulgar and tacky. It is usually the tourists who run around with logos on their bags. That also goes for Chanel, most french ladies I know would rather opt for Dior than Chanel since Dior is almost like a national treasure in France. It is a different story at evening events, things like gallery openings and so on.
    Vanessa Bruno seemed to be quite popular the last time I was there (especially the sequined bags). I've also seen a number of Celine box bags around ever since they came out.
  5. Really :confused1::confused1:
  6. Very interesting.
  7. I'm French, I live in Paris and I must say it really depends on WHERE you go in Paris...Though it's true that most French people hate big logos and showing off, the area where I live is full of Chanels during the day even on 16 and something girls. The only reason why you probably see a bit more Dior bags than Chanels is because classic Dior bags are less expensive than classic Chanels flaps, that's it. Chanel is considered by French as a national treasure as much as Dior, Gabrielle Chanel has a stronger image, she's a French icon, people call their dog "Chanel" (true !) not Dior...

    Some don't care about brands but I also know a lot of women who would die for a Chanel bag, the only reason they don't buy one is because they can't afford one. It's either the bag, either a whole year without spending nice holidays somewhere and French people do not have the "credit card culture", they usually buy what they can afford cash, especially things like this.

    Everytime I go out with one of my bags, especially one of my timeless CC flaps - which are the most famous Chanels, everybody knows that bag even if you don't know anything about Chanel - there is always a girl (can be in the street, at the restaurant, at the cashier's desk while shopping, whatever) to tell me "I love your bag, it's gorgeous" and her starry eyes are clearly in love. Believe me, if prices were not that high with Chanel, you would see a lot more Chanels in Paris, logo or not. But I agree, most French wouldn't go for the big logo thing. They may crave a Chanel bag but once you tell them the price, they can't believe it and would rather spend the money in something they consider "useful". Wealthy people here are a bit annoyed with the prices keeping increasing because they don't feel comfortable with the fact that now, wearing a Chanel bag is more or less screaming "I've got money" considering the price of a bag (I'm talking of the classics). And French people hate showing off and talking money.
  8. Very useful information, thanks for sharing :smile:. I have a question for a true Parisian if you don't mind answering. Is buying vintage or consigned Chanel considered tacky? I personally prefer the "patina" look especially on Chanel. Well made things look better with age :smile:
  9. @ magdalinka...No, we also buy vintage but would wear it with a relax look only ;)
  10. I am French, and this my first time here. Sorry in advance for my English.
    Parisienne women loves good bags and perfectly wear even with big logos. Just go to avenue Montaigne or rue st honore and you will see plenty Parisienne with Dior, hermes, especially birkin, chloe, goyard, etc.
  11. I've been doing a lot of informal research on Parisian style in preparation for my year long stay starting this month. So, while I don't live there (not yet anyway), I have a certain impression on how and why a stylish Parisienne would choose to dress.

    It seems that a well styled Parisienne tries to accentuate her natural beauty with quality pieces or well made pieces rather than overloading herself with labels- the way most Americans interpret someone to be stylish. There also seems to be a certain attitude that says "I don't want to attract negative attention by wearing a visually-loud outfit, but I don't want to go unnoticed."

    When you see a woman walking down the street with a Birkin/Chanel with large logo/Monogramed LV you notice the bag MORE than the woman carrying it. The woman becomes a mere billboard for the designer (and she's not even getting paid for it :p ) and the bag has overpowered her look. Her outfit lacks balance and she has been out shined by her bag.

    And of course there are a plethora of other reasons like others have mentioned: the economy, not being comfortable showing everyone how much you spent, and the fact that they are living in apartments; if you had a smaller closet that stored a limited quantity you would be more likely to buy only investment pieces right?

    Just wanted to share that! And later I will report which bags I see when I'm in Paris during the year. :]
  12. I was walking around the fbg saint honoré and saw three ladies with Birkin bags, two ladies wearing Chanel a handful of Louis Vuitton.

    Louis Vuitton is quite appreciated by girls in Paris, especially the speedy and the neverfull.

    Some others with sterner look like the muse bag but it's not as widespread (it is also very expensive).

    Longchamp is quite seen too and Lancel is flaunted lately (especially the premier flirt).

    So those are the brand, Dior fell from grace since the big buzz.
  14. ^ exactly!

    And to add to that: Many women and girls I see in New York (anywhere outside of Manhattan) use their expensive bags as a license to dress sloppy. Just because you carry around a Louis Vuitton does not mean you, your sweat pants or your tank top look any better. If anything I consider a poorly put together outfit an insult to the bag and designer. And that's something I think French women understand well.
  15. Well parisians, do.
    But trust me in the south of France a poorly dressed logo clad oldie with too much orange tan also exist and they're fully french.

    Parisians dress following fashion, my only critic would be their love of some labels (such as Maje, Sandro, The Kooples who to me, all sell badly styled and bad quality clothes).

    Otherwise you have very good well dressed Parisian women :smile:
    Especially in the good areas.