Parisian Chocolate Reveal

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  1. Finally I'm sharing my very lucky Birkin purchase from FSH/Paris. As some of you may remember, I had a magical adventure while in the mothership last month, and now I'm hoping that the photos will attach properly. (Posting the photos has been more complicated than finding my bag)!

    The Birkin is 30 cm chocolate togo with PHW and much darker in color than it appears (used flash). One scarf is 70 cm Vintage Omnibus, the other Coupons gavroche. There's also a noir Clic H in a shot.

    Here's the original link:
    Birkin pictures 003.jpg Birkin pictures 004.jpg Birkin pictures 005.jpg Birkin pictures 006.jpg Birkin pictures 007.jpg
  2. Congratulations!! Your new bag is beautiful. And I'm fawning love over that Coupons Gavroche. Enjoy your new beauties.
  3. [​IMG]


    Gorgeous and love your scarves!!
  4. Yea, you did great with your pics!! I love your new bag if I must say so myself... I have a 30 chocolate Togo with PH, too! Congratulations!!!!!!
  5. Congrats on your birkin! I read the story, it is so lovely that you managed to get it, it was meant to be! Thanks for posting pictures!!
  6. What a beautiful bag. Congratz!
  7. Thank you for sharing!
  8. Congratulations! I love chocolate togo! Fabulous with both scarves, enjoy:smile:
  9. Congratulations eve on your wonderful find at FSH. Great story.
  10. Wow! I loooove chocolate brown, and that is lovely. The size and shape really suit you as well! Lucky you!

    (And the scarves are gorgeous AND a fab match!)
  11. Congrats Eve - glad you got your pics up!

    Lovely bag. I think togo 30s are very pretty.
  12. Congratulations, Eve!
  13. What beautiful purchases, congrats!:heart:
  14. It's a beautiful bag. And I love the scarves with it as well.
  15. Yummy ~ I love chocolate!