1. Ladies:

    When is the best time to go to Paris on a shopping excursion???
  2. Spring and fall.

    Summer is too hot and humid. Winter is too cold and snowy.

    I like Spring. I prefer lovely dresses for Spring and Summer to thick clothes for Fall and Winter.

    .....but I do like coats!
  3. Spring, of course, silly ;)

    I love Paris in the springtime :smile:
  4. ITA although last time I was there it was late October, weather was lovely
  5. Okay- if it is spring.. am I in for a lot of rain.. I don't like the rain.. I mean I like rain I just don't like being out in it.
  6. If shopping is your main thing, then summer and winter would be great since the sales occur then.
  7. During sales - mid-January and early July.
  8. Oh, that's a good point.
  9. I went in Spring last and there was no rain.. just BEAUTIFUL weather where I needed a small jacket at night. Just beautiful!
  10. Ive been to Paris in early November ,and early September...September was PERFECT weather!
  11. Oh I wish I had been in Paris.
    Beautiful....go in April or May, you won't get the rain of march and you get the first warm weather, sunshine, flowers blossoming in trees, where parisians are happy (don't want to miss that ! lol) and sit at the terrasse of cafés for the first time after winter.

    Whatever you decide try to avoid july-august. It's so hot it's unbearable, the metro stinks of urin, and the parisians are gone, you're left with all the tourists.
  13. The spring is perfect.
  14. Ditto!! Wicked, wicked good sales... Although July is good for a romantic trip... When I lived there, the girls LIVED for these sales because sales are regulated in France. They aren't every week, like they are here in the states.

    I'm with them. We'd pay a lot less on the whole and be less shopping obsessed if the prices were where they were supposed to be... not all over the place!
  15. There is never a bad time to go to Paris!