Paris working and SHOPPPING!!!!!

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  1. Hi guys, here's the sexy cow reporting back from Paris!!

    I had splurged at Chanel Cambon shop today because they had the loveliest collection.
    Metallic purple 255 size 227 for my gal pal, I had the new perforated big tote for me, a nice Chanel frey fringed trench coat (50% off!!! and it fits me), my sister got a Down jacket with Chanel tweed (50% off also!!!!) one orange perforated leather wallet and a steel drop earring for my other gal pal!!!
    There are lots of Navy and Purple 255 reissues, all sizes (they just had the shipment yesterday, lucky me) Will post some pics when I got back lor...:yahoo:
    BTW compare to HK prices, they are 20% off here after detaxe and credit cards calculation:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  2. wow... tat's a nice shopping trip u have gotten.. congrats!!!

    post picture post picture! we cant wait..
  3. wooooow i can't wait to see pics!! i wish i could get the purple 2.55 already!
  4. Wow, we want pics! Can't wait! And what lucky gal pals you have there!
  5. Congrats! All your purchases sounds fanstatic... post pixs soon..
  6. pics pls!
  7. Shopping for Chanel is fantastic in Paris. Congrats!!!!
  8. dang... i wish i was in Paris! congrats on all your buys!
  9. I want to go to Paris.....since I can't, I'm glad you did. And I can't wait to see pics of what you got. Congrats!!!!!
  10. AHH! What an awesome shopping trip you had!! Can't wait to see some pics hehe
  11. So glad you're in Paris and congrats on all your purchases! many thanks for the info too!:heart:Can't wait for your pics whenever convenient !Have a nice time !:yes:
  12. ahh.. soo lucky!! i need to go shopping in paris!! lol
  13. ace!!! can't wait for those pix :smile:
  14. CONGRATS I will be back to see pics...
  15. I want to see your pictures! I'm going to Paris on Valentine's Day too! Can't wait to see Chanel in Rue Cambon. Hopefully I can get something I want. :tup: