Paris Winter Sale Reveal!

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  1. I am back from Paris, and I come bearing a TON of stuff! :biggrin:

    The sale was amazing-- I went on both day one and day two. Day one we got there are 12.30 and the line was enormous, weaving all around the waiting hall outside! Last year at the summer sale, the wait was only about 30 mins, so we were absolutely NOT expecting this! Still, myself and mum got in line and traded places periodically so we could walk around, visit the ladies, get drinks, etc, and at about 3.30, we neared the head of the line! I was very excited, and although we had a minor scuffle with some girls who tried to jump the queue in front of us (a very gallant French gentleman came to our rescue and told them to go away, he knew we had been standing behind him for the last two hours!) it all went pretty smoothly.

    When we got into the sale, it was bedlam-- I think they had just recently refreshed the stock, as there was plenty of everything, and our long time in the line allowed us to see the many, many white bags that were carried out!

    By the time we left, it was 5.45, as we spent quite a lot of time browsing, trying and generally soaking up the crazy buzz-- there is nothing quite like the H sale, in my opinion! The queue is a bit of a pain, and getting to the leather or jewellery counters is kind of scary, but if you hold your ground and stay tough you'll do okay. :biggrin:

    This will be a minimal-teasing reveal since they never seem to have boxes at the sale-- I wonder where the corresponding boxes to all the sale scarves go? :shrugs:


    Who wants to guess what's in the bag? :devil:
  2. open!

    EDIT: wow, looks like a lot of items are on the receipt.
  3. No guesses here, but I LOVE the long receipts! Tells me there are lots of goodies in there!:yahoo:
  4. Shawl? Scarf?
  5. :couch:
  6. Allan, LBurke, you are right on the mark, there are a lot of goodies in here... And yesterday I went back for more!

    Okay, first things first! My first port of call was definitely going to be the shawls. I bought two in Atlanta last summer and I realized just how much I absolutely love them. I adore my scarves, but with the crappy weather here I don't get to use them as much as my shawls, which I wear almost every day. I didn't have any specific patterns in mind, I just wanted more blue (as always) and some things in red and green...


    I think this one is called Decoupage? I really love it, wore it out today, in fact... :shame:
  7. waiting eagerly for your loot!!!
  8. I love this!!! so nice!!!

  9. That's beautiful! Didn't see that one when I was there, well done
  10. This is gorgeous!!! The colors are incredible! Can't wait for more...
  11. Amazing!
  12. :faint::drool::heart: It is beyond stunning!
  13. Thanks Zoopla, Ladyhermes, Kashmira! I really love it a lot, it's really striking.

    Mooks -- I think I got lucky with that one, I got it on day one and I think it was the last of its kind.

    Please excuse my incredibly crappy photos, I tried to get the house cleaned in time to take the shots in natural light but by the time I was finished today (cleaning up after a trip away always takes so much time and I can't settle in the house until it's done), it was already dark!

    Next up:


    I have no idea what this one is called-- I can't read what it says in the center! If anyone can help me out, I would appreciate it...
  14. OMG - it's fabulous!!!
  15. They are nice photos!!! This one is nice too..I am afraid I am no help in the names department.