Paris will be out by Monday!

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  1. I don't know if this has already been posted or not but I have just heard on TV that Paris Hilton will be out by Monday (possibly Saturday).

    Isn't this still early? I thought she had to do a couple of months or something.
  2. Wooow that's what I call a bad news. The last weeks were reall nice without seeingher everywhere everyday. I wish it could last a litte big longer.
  3. She will probably get reduction in sentence this is common, if it hadn't been for her early release & the judge getting angry before she would be out by now.
  4. yeah i think that it is early.
  5. It seems really early, how long has she been in??
  6. Ooooooh.....let's throw her a party.............
  7. hopefully, she's learned her lesson.
  8. It has been such a nice break for us all :tup:
  9. Bummer.
  10. Does anyone understand that she stood longer in jail for no reason? just because she was a celebrity. Everyone else would have gotten out in 3-4 days for good behavior. What she did was wrong, but she was not treated the same as everyone else. The guy who prosected her is a moron! His wife was charged with DUI and got no jail time. Now you tell me is that fair?? I just feel what had happen to her is really wrong, I am suprised that she didnt fight the last sentence. Atleast it made her stronger.
  11. I feel DRIVING DRUNK is wrong
    I feel telling the cop to ask your PUBLICIST for your drivers license is wrong
    I feel she was given opportunities BEFORE being sentence to respond respectfully to the court and did not.
  12. I dont think you understand at all. The person who prosected her! His wife did the same thing, and got no jail time. NOW thats wrong.
  13. I heard that too, on ET they mentioned she may be out as early as Tuesday for her interview on the View.
  14. Wrong. She was not jailed for the DUI. She was jailed for VIOLATING HER PROBATION. She violated it TWICE in ADDITION to driving recklessly on a suspended license. The general sentencing guideline is that if you have been given 3 years probation (like she was) and you violate that, it is generally 30 days in jail for every year of probation you were sentenced to and violated. She also refused to complete an alcohol diversion program after being told TWICE by the Judge to do it which is also a violation of the sentence she agreed to. Probation is a PRIVILEDGE and not a right. This woman was a danger to the public and if you or I had done this, we'd have done 60 days in jail, MINIMUM.
  15. Nice. I think she is now learned something. Maybe she's really changed? Who knows.
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