Paris warehouse shopping versus boutique shopping?

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  1. Since I don't get to do as much designer shopping as I'd like, I want my day to be as perfect as possible. So far I have bought at the Prada boutique and the Miu Miu boutique. This time around, I have a longer list of brands I want to check out so will be trawling Lafayette etc.

    Usually I sort of just tear through there as they are so very busy, is the shopping comparable to the boutiques? I don't want a conveyor belt shopping experience.

    Also, are there brands which are only available in like Lafayette, no boutique?
  2. I was in Paris last week and had a look in the Lafayette. Unfortunately, considering that the sales are still on, it was a rather horrific experience. Even if the temperature outside was quite mild for winter, the heating inside was so high that I felt like stripping down to my underwear (which I could not do, obviously :smile:

    They have all the main brands (Prada, Chloe, Gucci, LV, etc...) and lots of other less-known and less-expensive brands, which I guess you can only find in department stores. Brands such as Hexagone and Sequoia (or similar names), which I think are French brands.

    Finally, it was so crowded that after 10 minutes I lost interest and could not really concentrate anymore on checking bags. Maybe it is going to be a better experience if you go once the sales are over...
  3. I'll be catching the tail-end (I think, Feb 7 should still be). What put me off was exactly what happened to you, so hot, so busy! Probably drag DH through there because 'we're here now anyway' but boutiques will remain it. I was just curious if it was just me, happily not!
  4. No, Lafayette, Printmps, BonMarche (though calmer) etc are not at all like the boutiques. the staff, the selection, and the air of the places are vry different. BOutiques are better. Go to St Germain or Avenu montaign, you will find most of the same brands they have in Lafayette in a much calmr and nicer setting. THere are sales there too.
  5. I couldn't stand shopping in G. Lafayette. Great selection, but way too many people. I did like doing some specialty shopping in the Marais neighborhood, since there wasn't as many chain stores that I could find in the US, especially since I got to NYC a couple of times a year.
  6. I don't like the large department stores. Too many people.

    But if you want to browse and not be pressured to buy, the department stores can be better. And they are more convenient.
  7. I was never that impressed with Lafayette, I would definitely go with the boutiques; that is what Paris is famous for. X
  8. All this talk about shopping....I wish I could go...someone take me with you!!! hehe