Paris vs Spain

  1. Will Spain LV be more expensive than in Paris?
    Going Spain soon so thinking of getting a LV Bag there.
  2. Welcome to the PF! ;)

    Hmmm... I've never been, but I think Paris is cheaper than Spain. Please correct me if I'm wrong fellow LV addicts! :p
  3. Welcome to tPF! I would definately think that Paris would be cheaper than Spain, since Vuitton is from France.
  4. Paris is the cheapest in Europe.
  5. Thanks. Glad I found this wonderful website.
    Time constraits for me to go Paris this time round.
    Any idea if the price difference is great?
  6. Paris is cheaper than Spain
  7. usually its 20-40 euro difference depending on the item. My baggy pm costs 810(euros) in france site but its 835 in Madrid.
  8. i know Hawaii is cheaper than US. monogram stephen they charge $2000 and in CA it was 2070. also the embosse stephen hawaii i paid $3,600 and in CA they wanted $3,750.
  9. It won't be much more expensive in Spain, aprox 5%.

    France is defo cheapest in Europe.

    Enjoy your trip!