Paris vs Courtny love, who wore it better

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  1. :yucky: both look like they're wearing their PJs!

  2. It's gross either way, but Paris wears it better, however the placement of that Fendi belt on this outfit looks stupid.
  3. ^ i gotta agree!!:biggrin:
  4. Paris.
  5. ugly,but paris wore it better.luv her waistbelt :heart:
  6. both = :yucky:

    but I do want to say how refreshing it is to see Courtney w/o that blood red lipstick on!
  7. :yucky: Let's just say that I wouldn't take fashion tips from either one!!!!
  8. Courtney! Only because the belt on Paris is all wrong!
  9. somehow ...i don't know HOW..but somehow Paris made it look less trashy...

    I still hate it.
  10. paris, but i agree she needs to move the belt
  11. i would say courtney. i kinda like her grunge trashy look
  12. Not a good look either way, but just for voting sake, Imma go with Courtney, gotta say Courtney looks nice for a change.
  13. IMO: Both of you ladies, please get a stylist. . .
  14. Paris because she actually hs the legs to pull them off- but honestly they're both atrocious.
  15. AGREED 100%!
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