Paris vs aloha rag question?

  1. I am from the states but currently living abroad for a year or so...I have finally decided that I am going to take the leap and get my 1st BBAG in french blue city!!!

    My question is if i decide to buy the bag in paris, can i get vat tax back? If so, how MUCH? Also, will we get charged any customs when leaving the country? I am not leaving europe but I will be there with my mom who is flying back to the states and she could always just take it with her and then my friend who is coming to visit in a few weeks could bring it.

    My other option is buy it from Aloha rag but i am nervous since I wont be able to pick it out in person. Buying it in the US is cheaper but if I get vat tax back and dont have to pay any customs, then i think buying it in france will end up beind the same price
  2. You can only get the VAT tax back if you are a tourist, not if you're living there for any extended period of time. You fill out an application at the airport and submit receipts. They may have an issue if they see you've been there for more than, say, 3 months, since that technically makes you not a tourist.
    You could certainly have your mom purchase it (or use her name) and have her claim the VAT back when she leaves.
  3. it depends on where you're living, if you're living in the EU then you can't get the tax back. unless you're there for less than three months or something like that.

    but if your mother can take it to the US, get the tax back and have her friend take it back to you that sounds like an idea.