Paris v. Lindsay---WTH?

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  1. its posted on as well .. videod actually LOL
  2. ugh DRAMA!!
  3. and the stupidness contunes
  4. After I posted this thread, I was like, why did I even take the time to do this?? I don't even understand why this is news...we live in a strange world.:confused1:

    On another note, I do like Lindsay's messenger style handbag in the video. Anyone know the name?:rolleyes:
  5. i'm not a fan of either...this is just stupid.
  6. it's all for publicity...

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  7. Wow...I thought she was gonna make a comeback! Why does she do this?

    photo and writing on photo from

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  8. too much drama!
  9. i don't understand why after all the silly crap lindsay lohan does... i still like her :shrugs:
  10. what?? the 3 of them together?? noway LOL .. lilo seems uncomfortable .. did she made the * paris hit me last night* after the 3 of them photos?

    OMG LOOL .. tooooooo much is going on
  11. im so sick of their drama, i hate seeing them in magazines.. they need to get over themselves and their pathetic social lives, or perhaps lives period!
  12. this is what happens when you don't actually get to attend highschool... :rolleyes:

    however i did go, and drama is just as much fun to watch now as it was back then...that's probably just as sad. :smile: