Paris Trip and Birthday Reveal


Mar 14, 2013
As I posted a few days ago, I managed to score my HG bag at FSH. To be honest my husband did most of the work.

Here is the story:

We arrived in Paris on Saturday and after check in at the hotel, a quick lunch and a walk around Champs Elysee we decided to visit George V to try our luck. George V is a lovely store, much quiter and more original than the other two big stores but we got a straight NO, especially since we were asking for a Kelly sellier.
I wanted a Kelly sellier in Rouge or ultraviolet and first thought I would love sellier more than retournee (what turned out to be wrong).
So mext try was FSH. Straight no. First for my DH than for me. But I saw a few others got offered Birkins while we were told no Birkins or Kellys at all. Was much more frustrating than I had imagined. As we love to walk around the cities we are visiting we went to the Rue de Sevres store. They told us that they sold all bags for this day (it was around 6 pm, the store is open till 7 pm).
So I was very discouraged. I knew this would happen but seeing all the birkins being offered, mostly to customers which seemed to be kind of VIP from US or local or only people from Asian countries I lost my hope.
We are from Europe so fit non of the mentioned groups of people.

My DH talked me into giving it another try on Monday since I was wanting this bag for so long and it should be a very special present I wanted to give to myself for my birthday and some great achievements.

So we went to FSH right in the morning and got a "wait I have to check" and then after the SA was gone for a while. "No, no Kellys and no Birkins today".
Again a lie.
I was ready to give up.
We decided to give it another last try around 1 pm.. I lost my hope and decided to wait outside when after a while my DH called me to tell me that he waits at the shoes department with "my Kelly". I nearly ran into the store. We had a wonderful SA from Japanese helping us and leading us upstairs to show us what she had to offer.
And it was the absolute perfect bag. My HG bag. (even if it was a reournee and no sellier)
My DH told me that at first he again got a NO but after telling her, that it would be my birthday present and he wanted to know when he can come back for asking again she decided to help us. She was just wonderful. Showing the bag, helping to choose a matching twilly (actual I got two).
I asked her for her business card cause I defintly will try to workwith her again when we are at Paris for the next time. She was so kind and respectful.

So, thanks to my DH (best man of the world) :heart::smooch::ty: I got the absolut perfect bag for me!!!
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May 11, 2007
San Francisco Bay
Yay I'll be in Paris again late August. I love it there and all the shops make it heaven on earth. Congrats on your purchases and PM me or post your SAs name. Great SAs like that deserve business even if I'm not interested in Bs or Ks (I'm a guy) lol. Great story and I'm excited to see your reveal.