Paris' tote

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  1. G'day peeps,

    Can anyone tell me the brand of bag/tote/purse, Ms Hilton's carrying?

  2. [​IMG]
    Shot at 2007-07-02
  3. oooh i don't know but it is cute!
  4. Ooo...I LOVE it!!!!
  5. It is an Anya Hindmarch bag. Don't know its name, but definately AH. Hope this helps. :smile:
  6. wow, it's actually nice... very suitable for her new refined image.
  7. lol her refined image that will last a total of a week! ;)
    The bag is cute tho, a little too simplistic looking for me. I'm a sucker for fun hardware!
  8. Its a nice bag.
  9. I love the AH bowtie details...cute.
  10. Silly me, I had forgotten I'd joined this forum!

    Tank you LBB!!!