Paris' top

  1. It looks like a dress to me
  2. Yes, it looks like a dress. I have no idea what brand it is, though. Sorry!
  3. Ditto!:flowers:
  4. Thought the same...a dress
  5. A dress can be worn over trousers! :yes:
    It doesnt have to be the exact make, just something similar with a brown base colour. Im just looking for something 60's inspired and slightly hippy'ish.
    So, anyone seen something similar out there?
  6. it looks like a dress.... btw, i think she looks cute with black hair.
  7. [​IMG] Heres the top
  8. sorry, no idea about the top, but i love her more in black hair.
  9. looks like tracy feith, but not sure.. she makes those types of tops.
  10. Oh, I remember that shirt, it was a big hit! Ladies of the canyon,.. this was a 2001 style and I think it's almost impossible to get. Do a search on eBay.
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