Paris Store - How not to have to wait?

  1. I'll spend a couple of days in Paris in July and want to take a look at the flagship store on Champs-Elysées and buy a bag, but I don't want to stand in a queue waiting to get in... so do you know which time it's best to go there? Like very early in the morning just before they open, or at lunchtime, or before they close...? Or will there always be lots of people in front of the store? Also is there any difference concerning which day of the week? I'll be there an monday to wednesday.

    because seriously, as much as LV is impressing, there's a lot of stuff more worth to do/see in Paris than waiting one hour or more (how long can it take?!) to get into one store. I might also just take a quick glance from the outside and then go to a less frequented LV shop. Any suggestions?
  2. There wasn't a queue when I was there 2 week ago, and I arrived at around 11.
  3. YOU HAVE TO GO IN!! Just walk up to the door and tell them you need to pick something up quicky. Confidence gets one everywhere! Have fun, it is gorgeous inside, expect to get lost for hrs in there.
  4. I always go around lunch time. most of the time their isn't an queue around that time. But even when their is an queue it's worth waiting.:yes:
  5. Thanx all! I'll try around lunch... but how long do you have to wait IF there is a queue? I mean 15 min. would be ok, but if it's longer I rather go to another store. How do the stores compare? Like that one an av Montaigne or St. Germain de Près? And as to walking to the door to tell them I just need to pick up smth quickly: how many doors are there, I mean if there's a queue there's no way I'm able to reach the door without overrunning other people?

    Since I only plan 1 day (which is already a lot froma cultural point of view) out of 3 days to "devote" to shopping, and other places I want to go on that day already include Goyard, Galaries Lafayette, Printemps, Sephora and whatever will come into my way... I'd like to at least try to keep the LV visit short :roflmfao: Do you think it's realistic to be able to go to all these places on one day, given that I don't spend hours and hours on looking at stuff but rather check out what they generally have, but without having to rush from one place to another? Besides I've never been in Paris, is it easy to find those places?
  6. There always seem to be a lot of people. Best is you directly go to the first floor. It's a little less crowded there.
  7. That store is a bona fide tourist attraction now. I don't go there because I hate waiting in the lines and dealing with all the crowds. I go to the Galeries Lafayette or Le Bon Marché boutiques. I'd recommend you to to the Galeries boutique and ask for JESSIE. He's a great SA. I think if you start early you can cover all those shopping stops, but try not to go on Saturday. The stores are too crowded! Please visit the Le Bon Marché as well. It is my favorite store in Paris. (Metro stop Sèvres-Babylone)
  8. I'll first try my luck on the Champs-Elysées (just caught the heat stamp bug :greengrin: ) I've already written down the adress of Au Bon Marché, I also want to go there. Just have to make a proper plan so that I won't walk in circles to get from one shop to another :whistle:

    Thank you all for the suggestions! :flowers: I might go to the Galeries LV and ask for him if the flagshipstore is really to crowded, but still hoping it won't be...
  9. yer i agree try your luck at the flagship but if not then go to the galeries LV. It's where i bought my first LV earlier in the year and i didnt get the best service but im only 17 and didnt look a millions £'s that day so i dont really blame them for not falling over themselves to serve me
  10. Go straight to the front of the line and be confident. Don't look like a "tourist." They will let you in. :smile: