Paris & Stavros split... finally

  1. Not surprised at all... but I start to feel bad for Paris, it seems like all the guys just leave after they've "finished" with her (if you know what I mean). But who knows, maybe she was the one that dumped all of them. :suspiciou

    Maybe Stavros should now get back with Mary-Kate, she's a nice, drama-free girl!
  2. So who's going to be her next dumb Greek shipping heir?
  3. dude seemed like a jerk, glad that's over.
  4. She doesn't have the best track record either imo
  5. There was speculation months ago...and she just threw him his 21st birthday and got him tons of stuff.

    Mary-Kate must feel really good right now.
  6. Paris was on Ellen show yesterday. She mentioned a/b how she threw him the crazy bday party. She diddn't mention anything a/b splitting. She even said that she liked European men more than American men.

    IMO, i think Stavos has more fun with Paris than MAry-kate. heheheh.
  7. I saw that, she did not indicate that they were not together.
  8. My first thought was:

    They were still together?

    Gotta agree with Irissy. How many shipping heirs are there?
  9. Agree.

    Mary-Kate is a sweet girl. Paris is sex kitten.
  10. The Niarchos clan seems pretty wack. They've been trying to disown Elena Ford-Niarchos for years, even though she is the legitimate daughter of Stavros Niarchos.

    If Henry Ford II hadn't been her grandfather, who picked up the virtual shotgun, there's no way Niarchos would have married her mother Charlotte Ford (the jeans designer from the 70s). But he did, and that makes her a legitimate heir no matter what the corrupt Greek courts have decided.
  11. And on to the next she goes ... :wacko:
  12. Ended for good this time? Paris will find her next lad soon enough!
  13. MK is a much better catch- I saw the two of them in Barneys' on Madison last year BEFORE it hit the press that they were dating- I just stood and GAWKED!:smile:
  14. I'm surprised that their relationship even lasted so long. But of course, within a week Paris is gonna have a new BF, and then another one after that, the list will just go on.
  15. Why did they break up and who broke up with whom?