Paris Shopping Sunday S.O.S + ( La Vallée Village )

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  1. #1 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009

    we're going to :yahoo: Paris on the 15th (Ausumption day) and 16th (Sunday) of August

    I want to visit the regular shops:
    Chanel,Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Hermes, Gucci, YSL etc.

    also the outlet mall La Vallée Village

    on these 2 days to get some luxary shopping

    Are some of them open-- or what shall I do on these 2 days :graucho: ?
  2. + Rue d'Alésia :smile:

    hope you expert shoppers understand and can help
  3. Hello,

    You should go to La Vallée on sunday (the mall is closed BUT the outlet area is open on sundays).
    Chanel, Dior,... Are not open on sundays, so you should go there on saturdays.

    Have a nice trip ;)

    PS : If you stay in Paris for only 2 days, maybe La Vallée isn't the best place to go : it's crowed, you have to wait 20-30 minutes to get inside some stores without the insurance to find something you like (this outlet is a hit or miss !).

    PS2 : If I were you I'll skip La Vallée and go to Le Marais instead : very nice place to walk around, and stores are open on sundays too.
  4. Thanks alot flyfab for the help & tips.... definetly I'll to the La Marias !!

    Do the shops open on National Holidays ... ^_^
  5. It depends which holiday is celebrated, but for the 15th *I think* everything will be open.
  6. hope so!!! :smile:

  7. Hi there,
    I think this is a great choice. Paris on the Saturday, Le Marais is nice too (and fun!), and then the la vallee outlet on the sunday: it shouldn't be too crowded, don't worry, as the national sales will be over. It's true that during the sales like right now, it's sometimes not as pleasant as usual, but mid-August it should be fine, and you'll see it is design as a little village so really enjoyable to shop there. You can find really good deals so that counts too! I must admit I go there pretty often - well, I am shopaddictgirl, right?
    Let us know how you found paris and the outlet vallee when you come back!
    Enjoy your trip,
  8. Hi there Princess of Dears!

    I am a La Vallée Village addict myself and pick up amazing bargains there all the time!
    The other week I found an amazing Celine handbag for 300 eu instead of over 1000eu originally! Also found loads of pretty summer tops, shorts etc at Sandro which is a trendy French brand. Jimmy Choo also have some great deals at the moment - some shoes are at 150 eu, I'm sure you know what the normal price on a pair of Jimmy Choos is!
    As far as the crowds are concerned, there are just as many if not more people in Galeries Lafayette, Printemps and Le marais....
    If you're in Paris, its worth the trip, believe me!
    True luxury bargains to be found in a zen atmosphere very close to the city center.
    Let me know how you enjoy it!
    Best !
  9. Thanks Nina, you are truly a shopaddictgirl ... I can't wait till I go there... I hope that I have fun and I'll use my camera to document my once-in-a-lifetime-experience :biggrin: :heart:

    Thanks killinardrish
    I don't blame you for being a La Vallée Village addict. It's normal, and :graucho: a Celine handbag 70% off:yahoo:.. I'll defenitly go to Paris and we'll go to Disneyland so it's on the way, it's great that it is as much crowded as n Galeries Lafayette, Printemps and Le marais.

    Thanks you girls so much, I wish you luck.. you made me sooo excited :heart::heart::heart:
  10. I just saw this thread and know it's late to post on it, but someone else might need the info. Personally, I'm not impressed by La Vallee Village. I can usually do better here at home.

    Anyhow, as for stores being open on Sunday, I just got back from Paris less than a week ago, as I go 1-2 times a year, and some stores are now opening on Sunday if they are near the tourist areas. But, its very hit and miss.

    While I was there, neither Galeries Layfayette or Printemps were open Sunday before last, as a Parisian friend walked by them on our way to Gare St.Lazare.

    But, there's big talk about opening stores more on Sunday although French law is very strict about that. But, tourism is way down right now.

    It was the same in Copenhagen, where I used to live. Things were closed on Sundays. But week before last, I was shocked to see Illum Bolighus design house open on a Sunday and there were lots of shoppers inside, probably most of them tourists. They've also started opening some stores on Sundays in order to up the revenue. But, some stores are only open one Sunday a month.

    I understand how frustrating it can be trying to plan a vacation and shopping around such rigid shopping hours and opening days, but that's the way it is. I've been vacationing in Europe almost annually since the early 70s,when it was really rigid, for over a decade, and in Copenhagen, for example, nearly everything closed around 2:00PM on a Saturday (supermarkets included) and was totally closed on Sundays.
  11. I'm wondering if now lafayette is open on sundays? :smile: not that it matters though, I purposedly scheduled my trip to arrive on monday!!

    But I always do this because I hate being "stuck" in paris on a sunday and have nothing to do.
  12. No Lafayette is definitely closed on Sundays. Sometimes when it's a special weekend, the big stores will open (Lafayettes, Printemps, Bon Marché), but that only happens like half a dozen times a year. By the way i was at La vallée village in august, and Jimmy Choo had a crappy (pardon my language) selection. Really outdated shoes, some just plain tacky. Ok, some of them were relatively inexpensive for JC (like 200 euros). But who wants to buy ugly shoes for 200 euros just because of the brand? (Sorry for the mini rant i'm still frustrated that i went on a 40 min trip for almost nothing)
  13. Riding onto this thread....

    hmm I will be going to Paris in Nov too but I will be on my own from Thur (halfday) to Sat.. when should I visit La Village Paris then.

    I wonder what kind of bags and clothings they will be having in Mid Nov at the outlet.

    and I read abt other places like Mall...... i plan to buy LV and Chanel when I'm at Paris. Where should I get them from and (if their names are not mentioned here) they close early on Sat and Fri. Thanks
  14. Not sure where you're from, so how fresh you will feel on Thursday, but department stores close late on Thursdays so you might want to go to the Printemps and Galeries Lafayette (luxury brands have stores in there).

    La Vallée Village should be less crowded on Friday, but then again, it's the same thing with le Marais, so it depends which one you prefer to visit more quietly.

    Be careful as Nov 1st and 11th are holidays!

    Have a fun trip!