Paris shopping question

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  1. One more question (s). My brother and sister-in-law are off to Paris in a few weeks and will be at the Four Seasons. Anyway, I want to ask them to get me a bag (hopefully as an early birthday gift). I think someone mentioned that the prices of the Muse were lower there than the U.S. Is that true of all the bags like Balenciaga, YSL, LV? Also, are all those boutiques near the hotel? I don't want them to have to go far to shop for me as they are on vacation and will only be in Paris for a couple days.

    Finally, if anyone feels like answering one more question.... I am really looking for a bag to take out at night. I don't want a clutch or anything very fancy. I want one that is somewhat durable as I still do go to bars every once in awhile. I don't want to ask my brother to spend more than $900 USD so was thinking of a Balenciaga First, a smaller LV in Alma, or now that I know there is a small Muse, that one. Any other suggestions?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I can answer the Louis Vuitton portion of the question. The prices are definitely lower in France, lowest worldwide I believe ! You can check out the pricing at, just click on eshopping.

    If you're thinking about the Satin Alma for nights out (that's the only smaller alma I can think of, besides the long horizontal one), they stopped producing that line and your brother may not be able to find it. Maybe a papillon 26/19 would also be good for what you're looking for ?
  3. thanks ayla! sorry i meant the epi...not sure why i said alma.
  4. The Epi would be a lovely bag to have for nights out. Good size and you'll be able to fit all the essentials in it. That might be the way to go.....if you get it in black you can't go wrong...
  5. Hey
    If they're staying at the georges V (4 seasons), they're close to:
    1) avenue des Champs Elysees -> huge LV store, the best one!
    2) avenue montaigne: Chloe, Chanel, Dior, ...
  6. As far as i m concerned most labels are cheaper in Paris. Bought Chloe, Dior, Chanel, LV, Celine etc when i was in Paris last October.
  7. Many labels are cheaper in Paris. chigirl, I think LV epi is beautiful. If you're lucky enough, try to get one in mandarin. I love that color!!
  8. 4 seasons is very close to balenciaga store on georges v, also check out chanel on the famous rue cambon and maria luisa which carries balenciaga is right near by. prices are slightly cheaper than u.s. prices but with euro v dollar difffence and credit card foreign money exchange fees , you dont save alot, bit you do save a liitle. the chloe stores are way ahead of u.s. stores.