Paris Shopping in Her PJs With Her Sister Nicky

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  2. :rolleyes:
  3. her Pic in post #2 is juts :sick: ..what was she thinking?
  4. This is what she comes up with when she wants to be comfy!
  5. Some of our snowbirds here in South Florida dress like that all the time. It's really kind of a sweet outfit on little older ladies.....not becoming on Paris.
  6. Love her keepall! LOL
  7. if she could, she would shop naked! (haha)
  8. Another day of shopping, sleeping, shopping, sleeping then clubbing, shopping, sleeping, shopping, sleeping.....
  9. i seriously think Nicky is soooooo much prettier than Paris. same with Ashley and Jessica Simpsons, i think Ashley is a lot prettier than Jessica even before her nose job~:shrugs: lol, just my opinion~
  10. meh :/ Pjs?? Paris sure has weird ideas sometimes...
  11. Wearing pajama pants out has been a fad among the young girls in my area for a while now. I guess it looks okay when 12-year-old girls do it, but now I am seeing women my age walking around in pajama pants! That looks so stupid! I saw this woman the other day who looked older than me wearing pajama pants with teddy bears all over them at Wal-Mart. I turned to my boyfriend and said, "If I ever get the notion to start wearing pajama pants in public, please shoot me!"
  12. Clowns are there for entertainment.
  13. I've seen some high school/college girls in "PJ's" while shopping. It's one of thing if you are coming from the gym, wearing sweats, and running a quick errand. But some girls wear them as if it is "chic" fashion statement. Still don't get when looking like you rolled out of bed is a fashion statement!
  14. Uh no!