Paris Shopping 2017

Jul 4, 2009
Brooklyn, NY
I posted something similar a few years back. Going for a long weekend next week. Any suggestions for shops I should check out that are Paris-specific that I can't find in NYC? Premium designers are a "no" since they're all here. I'm aware of all their dept stores etc. Any up-and-coming places/designers I should keep an eye out for? Also, any consignment/vintage shop recommendations?

In the past I've loved Colette, Sessun and Eleven Paris. I'm excited for Paris prices of Maje/Sandro/Bensimon (which are double/triple the price here).

Jan 15, 2011
If you like Colette and avant-garde I would go to L'Eclaireur in the Marais. They do have a couple stores in the US but Paris is the flagship. Walking around the Marais there are lots of smaller shops and designers. I know you've done the department stores but I do also like Bon Marche for French labels and small accessories brands - great place to pick up wraps, scarves, hats etc. and to find some European labels at those lower prices. Have fun!


Feb 25, 2015
Great info. I'm in the market for an ahem bra etc refresh. Would Bon Marche be a good place for that?