Paris Sales - do they replenish?

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  1. Huge HUGE congrats to LittleH on her beautiful purchases at the sale :heart:. I'm there on Saturday and I was wondering was there much point between the queues and the stock.
    Does anyone know if they replenish at the sales and whether Saturday is a crazy day to go?
  2. Thanks dear, it was really nice to share with everyone.

    They do replenish but the choice is obviously less varied and there are less sought-after items (small leather goods, shawls etc).
  3. Interesting question! Thank you for asking Sarachryan and for the answer Little H! I was wondering that too.
  4. The Black and white cheval sur mon carre :heart::heart::heart: How amazing must that have been. Madonna has been snapped recently with hers.
    I have it in red and black and I love it but of course I think I'd love the white and black even more.
    I really am only going for scarves and ties so if they were still likely to be there I might head over. The problem for me is really the queuing time. I have very little time and can't really manage more than an hour. So I may be bunched.
  5. Hi - I'm actually in Paris RIGHT NOW! Where is the sale? I might have some time in the morning... :smile:
  6. From the thread in tPF meetings
    the Palais de Congress, at the Porte Maillot metro stop
  7. Mich327, it is in the first level of the Palais des Congres (ie above ground floor).

    Sarachryan, we specifically asked if they had any other Cheval sur Mon Carre and they said no, this is the absolutely only one. I guess I was very lucky!
  8. I can only dream...
  9. Ok ladies and gents, here's the answer. I rang and was put through to a lady at the sale. I had a conversation with her in my utterly embarrassing French about whether they replenish. Unfortunately the answer is no. Everything available is out (or at least available if asked for) from day 1 and it's a case of whatever's left on Saturday.

    Can you lucky few who were there on day 1 say whether you think there was sufficient stock to merit a trip out on Saturday?
  10. Argh - I was just there YESTERDAY in that very area with time on my hands... ah well, FSH did accept a little SO today, so I'm happy about that!
  11. Well, when I was there yesterday, they were still bringing out LOTS of stuff, so I think they do replenish some items. The more desirable ones such as SLG, jewelry and cashmere shawls are probably all out, but I'm betting there are still more canvas totes, scarfs and ties. Believe me, as busy as it was yesterday, there was LOTS left!!!