Paris Report- Faux Giant Brief!!!!!

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  1. althought the real bal brief with giant hardware is NOT in bal paris yet, a faux was spotted in the window of a paris resale shop marked sold!!! no kidding, i was so suprised!:wtf: i saw lots of fake bal bags all over paris.:wtf: i also saw alot of fakes in resale shops. i wonder if some of these girls really have paid alot on ebay and in resale shops and really think they are real. i was told in several resale shops that the bals they had were authentic, and guys, they were not.:s i had my bf take a pix of faux bal giant to post here so hopefully the quality of pix will be ok bc he did it with his cell phone...

    on another note, i did see several real flat brass bags on girls around town and some nice cities and weekenders. the bag with the best leather i saw around town was a vintage bal black day.
  2. omg now I'm scared.

    I just purchased a bag on ebay that was bought from a resale shop in Paris. Everyone here said it looked good :crybaby:
  3. Oh no, *Jem* - don't write it off just yet! I saw a thread about a week ago when a few PFers met in Paris and one found a gorgeous Black First in a Paris shop!!

    Do you have the auction # or link and we can check it out??
  4. *Jem* - she's a great PFer who knows her stuff - I wouldn't be worried.

    Plus, I don't speak French but it looks like she got the bag at Printemps? This is a very large department store. Reason #2 not to worry!!
  5. Hey c.....I hope you are having a great time in Paris. I am so jealous!:P

    Thanks for the report!

  6. thanks Redney:flowers: its my first Balenciaga:yahoo:
  7. *Jem* - congrats on your first Bbag!! It won't be your last...:graucho:

    chauss - sorry to hijack your thread! :back2topic:

    Thanks for the update - can't believe the fakers are already churning out Spring bags! :rant:
  8. Sorry Chaussurewhore for the brief hijack

    thanks for the report!
  9. for the record, primtemps is NOT a resale shop. it is a large department store. the bal bags there are like the ones you get from barneys or neiman marcus. so jem, your bag should be fine. the issue i have is with SOME paris resale shops which sell USED merchandise for resale. some shops would NOT carry fakes and it seems others will bc they are really ignorant that they are fakes or just dont care, let buyer beware. the place where i saw 2 bal fakes this trip has had real bal bags in the past. they just say all their bal bags are real, and this is not true.

    hi cilla!:heart: i am hijacking you for next paris shopping trip!:love:
  10. What? :wtf: Did you post the pic of the faux yet? That's crazy that they were able to make a fake before it's out...
  11. It's so weird how the replica makers sometimes get the new styles so early - when the hook bags came out, there were a million fakes before they ever hit the stores - but then it took them a while to get the quilted bags - it seems to vary by season.

    chauss, what consignment stores did you see fakes in?!? spill!
  12. I really hate counterfeiters, they are the low of the lowest. On my auctions, I warned them not to send me their spam crap and also to not steal my pictures. They sent me offers for fakes, I told them off, told them it was illegal and reported them to ebay right away. :cursing:
  13. here is a pix of faux giant brief!:wtf:


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  14. Hmmm, I wouldn't know it's fake right off the bat :confused1: Maybe IRL the leather was really terrible?