Paris releases

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Does anyone know if new bags/colors/prints are released in the same time in Paris (Europe) as USA?

    I will be going to Paris march 18-26 and I would love to be able to get the favorite pm in azur over there both for cheaper prices and souvenir sentimental value. I know it's set to be released April 1 in the US, but is there any chance it will be released sooner in Paris?

  2. I have the same wonder
    I'm making my italy shopping list right now :smile:
  3. I'm also wondering about this for the UK. Can't wait to get a new Azur! Need to figure out a better strap though as the ones they come with are so short for me!
  4. Try calling 1-866, they might have an answer:smile: sorry I wasn't much help
  5. Browse the LV site for France. They release earlier than US.
  6. I know Hawaii releases earlier than the US (LV considers them part of the Asian market). When I was there last March, all of the spring items were already in the stores. I think France releases earlier than the US. Have a wonderful trip!
  7. The larger stores also get new bags early, from my experience.
  8. Will they also be releasing it in the MM size?

  9. Have a good trip!

  10. Try the Eva.. I'm 5'2" and the favorite strap is perfect length for me but the Eva is way too long so it might work for you?

  11. Thank you!

  12. Thanks!

  13. Thank you! I hope they do!

  14. Thanks! Good to know!

  15. I called the 866 number and they said they will be! Both the damier azur and damier ebene will be available in pm and mm and will be part of the permanent collection.. Hope that helps!