Paris Questions

  1. 1. Has anyone ever stayed at the Hotel de Vendome?
    2. How is March shopping at Hermes? (all stores in general)
    3. At Chanel can they make me a custom tweed coat and have it sized in 1 week?
    4. On Expedia it say's:

    Located between the Place Vendôme jewelers and Rue St-Honoré fashion boutiques, the hotel is a five-minute walk from the Louvre and d’Orsay museums and the Champs-Elysées business district.

    The interior of this 17th-century mansion is appropriately decorated in fine antiques and period furnishing, inlaid marble and crystal chandeliers, leather Chesterfields and mahogany paneling.

    Is this true? Sometimes you hear that hotels print that they are near the RSH because it will attract tourists that are going to Paris for shopping and when you get there it's miles away from the area. I want to make sure I'm with-in walking distance of everything because I am going ALONE!

    AVANDOME gave me for my birthday last year a France Tourist Book so I'm trying to work off that and plan some trips but I still want to hear anyones experience with this hotel. Any help and tips and sight seeing advice are greatly appreciated.

  2. I've been in the lobby of the Hotel de Vendome but not stayed overnight.

    It is exactly as advertised - look here:- for more detail. If I recall correctly it was practically on the FSH - it's not like being stuck in La Defense.
    No idea about the rest of your queries, sorry.
  3. Thank you for responding. Do you think this hotel is to busy with tourist and traffic? Should I stay somewhere else?
  4. Shopping in March..... ahhhhh, how lovely. :girlsigh:

    The sales are in Jan and July, and unless something has changed recently, thats the only time Paris will offer real sales. Otherwise, in an effort to keep commerce fair, prices are kept constant so Parisians don't have to spend their weekends combing reduced-prices to get the best bargain (the French pity Americans a bit for the way stores can juggle us around looking for deals). At first you may be a bit dissapointed you can't find "deals", but you will eventually be comforted knowing things are priced as they should be, not over-inflated to make a sale seem even bigger.

    I would plan on hitting the small boutiques all over the city, their big malls once, and walk EVERYWHERE. It is so very French to see something you've always wanted (but never knew it) as you walk from one place to another.

    Good luck! Take pictures and enjoy yourself thoroughly!
  5. ACK!! I just did a quick quote through and it's ridiculous!!! It's 3 grand more for the same room same date stay as I did on Expedia and that's without flight, Crazy! Expedia offered flight with their price.
  6. You lucky girl! Paris!

    The hotel is very well located and walking distance to the FSH area. Another alternative is Plaza Athenee and George V, which are close to Champs-Elysees shopping area and you can still walk about 10-15 minutes to FSH area.

    Our Parisian friends here should be able to provide more local insights. Yoohoo, where are you?
  7. Goodness La Van THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm going to look into those hotels RIGHT NOW!
  8. I vote the George V. It's right across from a lovely H boutique (smaller store but less busy than FSH) and it is one of the world's best hotel IMHO. You won't regret staying there.
  9. Would it be stupid (since I'm going alone) to rent a Vespa while I'm in Paris? Maybe I can save my heels riding in one of these!! I always wanted one of these in Pastel Pink!
  10. Baggs -- I haven't stayed there but I stayed at the Park Hyatt last year, which is very close to there. It's a really beautiful neighborhood.
  11. If you want to be the closest you can possibly get to FSH, there's the Sofitel on rue Boissy d'Anglas. You can fall right out of bed and be at H in less than 20 seconds. I've never stayed there, but that's the hotel my old firm always used in Paris.
  12. ^^:roflmfao: I would love that! Fall right out of bed into the lap of Hermes! :love:
  13. Nice!!! :tup:

    But I still want the thrill of a Vespa!