Paris Question...

  1. Hi All!

    I will be going to Paris and I am so excited. Obviously, one of the stops will be the LV Store so I have several Louis questions! :heart: I hope someone can help!

    Are prices better in France than the US?
    Is there a limit to what you can buy without paying US taxes/customs?
    Does the Champs LV store have different merchandise than the catalog?

    Any other tips would be sincerely appreciated!!

    Many thanks!! :biggrin:
  2. I believe the prices are better over there
  3. Hi there and welcome to PF!!!:flowers:
    CONGRATS on going to Paris! Yes, the prices are def. better in Paris than in USA and there is a limit on how much you buy (you have to check that on US customs site) but you don't have to claim ALL your purchases.;) I think the inventory would be pretty much the same as the catalog or French LV site.
    HAPPY SHOPPING and take some pics!!!
  4. Great! Thank you!

    And the forum has been great... a little too inspiring but it has made for some great purchases!! :biggrin:
    I guess I will check my catalog and get my list together!! :love: I can't wait!
  5. A stop at LV is definitely a going to France must !
  6. Congrats, Paris is fantastic! The collection is much wider and you will find some items which not available in US and other countiries, shoes and clothes in particular. But if you're keen to buy something from limited editions, just forget it. They've got plenty of their own customers with long wait lists.
    Have fun in Paris, you'll definetely love it!
  7. I believe the US Customs limit back into the US is $400 per person, unless you are coming from a US territory, then it is $800 per person. Not a lot. Far be it for me to suggest that you fail to claim all of you purchases. :graucho:

    OK, I just looked at the US Customs website, and it appears to be $800 per person. Still not a whole lot.....
  8. Hi,

    Prices in Paris are much cheaper than US prices. Better yet, you get a percentage back when you fill out your VAT form! Here is an example of one of my purchases.
    *The Belem PM in the United States retailed for $1,000 ($1,082 with state tax) at the time of my trip
    *The price in Paris at Galleries Laffayette was 700 Euros which equaled to $840 during those low exchange rates.
    *When I got my VAT back they advertised it would be 12% back but theres fine print. Eventually I received about 7% back (better than nothing)
    *At the end of the trip I had paid $781.00 for my Belem!

    Most boutiques have a two limit purchase

    I have purchase many handbags but I only claimed a little less than the max for customs.

    After I got passed customs I sighed with relief!
  9. I was at the flagship store in April - prices were cheaper - the inventory was pretty much what we already expect - I bought my speedy there, which makes it special - going back in Oct. but can't decide what to set my sights on (that I can afford) I stay at a hotel a block from the store (which is either good or bad depending on your bank account).
  10. Hi there:biggrin: . Congrats on going to Paris. OMG I just love this pf. I'm learning lots of stuff. I plan on going to Paris next year and I'm so excited about it:roflmfao: . I plan on getting an lv and a chanel bag:graucho: . Hopefully the exchange rate won't be so bad:shocked: . Have fun and please show us some pics:biggrin: .
  11. Paris was definitely cheaper. I went last summer and at the time I got my MC Trouville for $900 (when it was $1200) and that is with the VAT refund.

    Make sure that when you are shopping and you want the VAT refund, you must spend over $150 (i'm not sure what the exact amount is but there are websites where you can find out) at one time. YOU MUST have your passport with you (I saw a couple japanese tourists who couldn't qualify since they didn't have the right documentation).
  12. got to and choose french, then go to e-shopping and you will see all the prices you'll have to pay in Paris
  13. O, my!!!! I wish I haven't seen those prices in Paris...:shocked: I overpayed more than $600 for my last purchase :sick:
  14. I know. I went on there a few months after I bought my first LV. I overpaid about $200 Australian for an Epi Pochette.
  15. Well, i suppose that's LV pricing for Asia Pacific :mad: Hopefully I didn't buy my bag in Indonesia (i was going to...), it would empty my wallet for another $1200 in addition to those overpaid $600:angel: